Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils and The New Earth Children

Young Living Essential Oils provides a natural and effective way of supporting The New Earth Children with all their everyday health and wellness needs.

From sniffles, discomforts, seasonal upsets, bumps, bruises, burns, upset tummy, restless sleepers, emotional and spiritual balance and so much more.

The purity and energetic frequencies of these oils are second to none. I have yet to experience any other products that work harmoniously with the purity and energetic frequencies for our New Earth Children.

The outstanding quality of these oils and the integrity of the company as well as the attention taken in the process of producing these oils makes these oils, in my mind the best in the world. These are the only oils I use on my family, loved ones and clients. (Click here to watch a quick 7 minute video that demonstrates the process and care taken:

These oils work on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual making them ideal for The New Earth Children who are highly sensitive and aware. We have found that many of the ailments and “dysfunctions” showing up in our children today are rooted in the spiritual realm. There are no other products I have found that truly treat the “whole” person. These oils work in total alignment with the body’s own divine intelligence and innate self-healing wisdom.

They are easy to use and the more you use them the more connected you will be on how to use them and when to use them.

If you are looking for ways to naturally support your immune system, bring back vibrancy, vitality and longevity to your life along with maintaining a spiritual connection and open heart which is the key to true health and wellness. Then these oils are for YOU!

Call me today at 416-700-9012 to find out more and place your order!

PLEASE NOTE: A PORTION OF THE PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE OF  YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS GO DIRECTLY TO THE VISION AND GOALS OF THE NEW EARTH CHILDREN CENTRE. Contact Michelle LeRoy to find out more about these products and how to purchase them in order to contribute to The Vision.

Thank you in advance for helping to turn this vision into a reality “for the sake of the children”.

**stay tuned for more Young Living protocols coming soon for our New Earth Children, especially to support those with the diagnosis of Autism, Asperger’s, ADD, ADHD etc… Young Living Essential Oils help to support some of the symptoms and behaviours that go along with these children.


Peppermint: (For head discomfort, brain fog, greater clarity and alertness, focus and concentration, tummy upset)

Purification: (helps with anger and negative thoughts – purifying the mind),

Frankicense:  (relaxation, spiritual connection and meditation, not to mention the endless research on its benefits with cancer)

Lemon: (uplifting, rejuvating, detoxfying, add to water daily)

Valor:  (courage, confidence)

Peace and Calming:  (helps with relaxation and anxiety and anxiousness)

Lavender:  (also very relaxing and calming and also helps with sleeplessness)

Pan Away: Migraines, Sore Muscles, Stiff Joints, Inflammation, Ear Aches, Tension, Arthritis

Thieves: Colds, Flus, Coughs, Sore Throats, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Microbal, Anti-Viral

***Please note the above 9 oils can be purchased separately or are also sold in a Kit called “The 9 Everyday Oils Kit” which makes owning all 9 oils more affordable. A kit I feel everyone home requires!

Harmonious Home: Diffuse these oils intermittently throughout your home to maintain a energetically cleansed environment: Joy, Harmony, White Angelica, Purification and any of the Citrus Oils

Third Eye Cleanse (helps to have a clear minds eye for visualization and manifestation) : Clary Sage, Clarity, Frankicense, Awaken and/or Believe

Physical Aches and Pains: PanAway, Peppermint and Valor (our pain trio) – these oils have had outstanding and quick acting results when layered on the injury or pain site

Supporting the Transition to Motherhood: Lavender, Peace and Calming, Awaken, Inner Child and Joy – helps to deal with the symptoms of post-partum depression and adjustment to motherhood

Supporting the Transition to Fatherhood: Awaken, Mister, Peace and Calming, Purification, Joy and Paolo Santos

Homework Helper: Valor (confidence/courage), Peppermint (stimulates alertness and helps with focus) and Brain Power, I also recommend the Ninja Red drink to provide nutrients instead of coffee and other unhealthy energy drinks etc.. Ninja Red can be infused with many of the oils mentioned above (my favourite is thieves, lemon, orange or frankicense.)

Bad Dreams/Negative Energies at Night: White Angelic and Frankincense (these oils create a protective and safe cocoon for the child, supports the sealing in of the auric field/electro-magnectic field)

A.D.D./High Energy Kids: Lavender, Peace and Calming, Vetiver and Cedarwood (these are calming and highly grounding oils)

Meditation and Support in Accessing Higher States of Consciousness to unlock new ideas, wisdom and higher understandings and truths (great oils for our teens and our little Einsteins): Frankincence, White Angelica, Helicrysum, Sandalwood, Awaken and Believe

***With so many of our childhood and teenage demonstrations of heightened awareness being treated with punishment, humiliation, segregation and medication, the Young Living Essential Oils are an amazing natural supportive alternative** CALL 416-700-9012 OR EMAIL ME AT to order your oils today! OR to set up a consultation to determine your specific needs and oil protocols.

I know hundreds of adults, teens and children who have used the oils and have countless testimonials and positive experiences. I am currently in the process of gathering these testimonials up to post on the website, stay tuned.

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