Star Children

Star Children:

 These children are a very unique wave/energy of children. The amount and timeline is not as well documented. They tend to come in bouts and spurts consistently throughout the last 50-80 years. There are not too many older Stars that people are aware of due to their private, loner, hermit type living styles. They are often confused about why they were sent to this planet and many have little to know outer purpose and end up living in their parents basements well into adulthood, or in a little cabin in the woods or a little apartment on their own. Many older Star Children do not get married or have families and if they do struggle to operate in a family unit. Some star children/adults have come here to experience “family on the phsycial plane”. So if you are married to one of these types of people you can be increasingly frustrated by their lack of automatic knowingness of things that seem obvious to another. It’s like “they’ve never done this before” and for some that would be true.

They are here to usher in the wisdom of the Stars, Star Systems and higher wisdoms and truths about Creation. They are the vibration of the Peace on Earth. They are also responsible for ushering in many Sound healing modalities.

Many of these children are being diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and or Autistic Savants who are highly intelligent and intellectual. They tend to appear void of emotion and also appear as a matter of fact energy void of attachment to anyone and anything.

These children would be fascinated with the stars, solar system, and space. They come fully remembering Who They Are and Where They Came From. Many with whom I have met (including my youngest son) can describe in detail other dimensions and their ways of living and existing together.

They can also describe existing before they came to earth in vivid and great detail.

Many of them suffer with many illness, body aches and pains etc… They are designed mostly to be in a state of “stillness” more often than not.

For the teens they tend to sleep a lot and are night owls and want to sleep much of the day. The energy at night is quieter for them and allows them to access Source with greater ease and also access their creativity and guidance.

The can be the children that cry a lot at birth and often spend much of their time on earth longing to go back home to the Stars. They are here mainly to hold light (high frequencies of light). Much of their highly evolved galactic wisdom doesn’t seem to have a place to fully be expressed but the time for this is near.

Many Star Children, Starseeds need to have access to a lot of alone/still time. They need to access many supportive energetic tools to help them maintain their vibration.

The need to remember why they are here, they are here to anchor in World Peace. They often receive a lot of information that they find hard to understand and receive in an organized fashion. Many of them may suffer chronic pain, exhaustion, and can have thin and lanky body types.

Some Star Energies have an essence of arrogance due to their inner knowing of a higher knowledge and wisdom.

In my practice and throughout the years I have noticed that many Star Children often have chosen some pretty “dark” stuff to clear in this lifetime which can create an inner turmoil that is of a great magnitude. The conundrum of feeling light the brightest of bright and the most peaceful of peacekeepers and also carrying some “densities, uglies, and unsavory feelings, emotions, desires, longings etc…”

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