Rainbow Children

Rainbow Children:


Little record to date of these children before the year 2000

 2000-present               –           approx. 100’s

2010-2020                   –           predicted to come in a much larger wave (Critical Mass)

2020-2030                   –           millions/tens of millions


Rainbow children are said to be the next wave after Crystals. They are very few of them right now on the planet but they are coming more rapidly now. They are said to choose Crystal parents. They can often times come with a physical or mental disability because of their need for constant love and affection, this would make sure they were always in contact with people. These are not babies you can leave in playpens and strollers on their own for long periods of time. They may tend to need less sleep, waking up often and be more of a cat napper.



Traits of the Rainbow Children:


First timers on earth, they come with no karma so they do not need chaos, confusion and huge challenges in their life to help them grow, learn lessons and evolve.

They are said to be the embodiment of our pure divinity and an example of our potential

They radiate Joy and feel wonderful to be around, also smiling happy and playful

They are fearless and loving to everyone.

They are all about service and doing for others, they are non-judgemental and love everyone the same.

They are giving and display spiritual greatness and mastery.

They feel like being in the presence of Jesus, Buddha or other great masters.

Tends to be aloof and disconnected from their surroundings.

They tend to be observers and highly contemplative, they require a lot of physical touch

The are also said to embody the Full Spectrum of Rainbow Healing Energy that extends out beyond them, their immediate surrounding but can radiate/vibrate out to the world.

They are magnificent healers in their own right.


Collective Purpose of the Rainbow Children:


The Rainbow Children being born now are the scouts/forerunners. The Rainbow Children are here to usher in the Rainbow Healing Energy found in sunlight. These children are being born now because of the high rate of disease and illness on this planet and the inability for us to receive this powerful Full Spectrum of Rainbow Healing Energy due to pollution and toxins in our air. This energy assists us with the regulating and assimilating of serotonin in our body. We were originally created to need Rainbow Energy for optimum health, balance, vitality and longevity. Rainbow Children radiate this organically and is the essence of who they are. They radiate this not only for themselves but for the planet.

I have also recently had the pleasure of meeting several Rainbow Adults that have made the transition to the Rainbow Vibration that are really helping set the stage for them and bringing back the laugher, joy and playfulness into the adult realm that has been lost and/or overlooked.


  Challenges for parents raising Rainbow Children:


They are only beginning to come now so many people are not aware of them and many healers are only beginning to receive the information to help understand them and what their needs in from a spiritually supportive way. This makes it sometimes difficult for a parent to support their uniqueness and energy.

It may be hard to find other children close by like them leaving parent and even child to feel isolated by their differences.

Since many can be born with special needs this creates great strain on the family in the areas of finances, the marriage relationship, emotionally etc…

These kids require quiet, peaceful, loving environments and cannot function in busy, loud, chaotic households and social situations.

This can be challenging for parents who would have them attend many outings and social events. They may feel off balance, scattered etc.. in these situations.

Parents may often feel at the mercy of their child’s extraordinary needs.



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