Indigo Kids

Indigo Children

 Starting coming after WW11

1950-1960                   –           100’s

1970                            –           1000’s

1980                            –           tens of thousands

1990-2000                   –           millions/tens of million (Critical Mass)


Traits of an Indigo:

Intuitive, Compassionate, Empathic and Knowing

Physically and Emotionally Sensitive

Seeks Truth and Integrity, Warrior Spirit, Fiery Temper and Anger

Non-conformists, System Busters, Argumentative and sometimes Unruly

Out of the Box Thinkers, Challenges Authority

Inner Lie Detector, Despises Guilt Tripping and Manipulation

Seeks Justice and Defender of Others, Speaks out sometimes to the point of rudeness

Highly creative and artistic (painting, drawing, writing, music, dance etc..)

Highly prone to addictions, depression and even suicide

Often diagnosed with ADD, ADHD and can have trouble in school

Hands on, and Visual Learning Style

Often acts like royalty, has a deserving nature about them

First generation to be designed as a right brain dominant generation

Can be good at self-sabatoge to the point of self hatred

Can be prone to insomnia and restless sleepers

Inability to disassociate from the emotions and feelings unless medicated

Patience is not their strength, they have a strong need to be loved and understood

They struggle with adults and systems that value conformity and resist change


The largest wave of Indigos came between 1990-2000 making them our teens and young adults at this time. In my opinion as well as many others, this is the generation that is currently in CRISIS, they are requiring a lot of support and guidance. This is the lost generation, highly misunderstood, troubles with addiction, depression, anxiety, anger and suicidal thoughts. Most do not thrive in the current high school system, they are not designed to and their self-esteem takes a beating because of it.

These children have lost their way, they have lost their connection to Who They Truly Are and what their Life Purpose is due to many external influences and pressures.

This generation are our future leaders, parents, teachers and health care practitioners. This generation is not designed to fit into many of the current structures, jobs and careers. They are here to create the new and sometimes feel hopeless and overwhelmed as they look out into a world and a future that does not resonate with them at this time. Helping these children re-connect to their intuition, gifts, talents and life purpose is key to helping this generation light up again and begin to create new ways of doing things and new systems in this world.


Collective Indigo Purpose:


The Collective Indigo Purpose is to mash down old systems that are not in integrity. They are here to speak out about the things that they see could be done in a better way for the highest and best good of ALL, not just for some. You can see how traits like the warrior spirit, inner lie detector and ability to speak out against authority would be necessary. These systems have been in place for a long time and have been based on competition, greed, selfishness with little to no regard for people, the environment and the future of the planet for our children. Indigos have a courage and fearlessness that helps them get this job done. They know deep down in their soul the world cannot continue to go on this way and that we must all return to working together co-operatively and in a more loving unified way. They came with knowledge and wisdom meant to be imparted on this world help begin the shift in consciousness we are now experiencing in full force.

These early Indigos suffered greatly and have many unhealed wounds. Because they were misunderstood they found it hard to fit in, often outcasted, negatively labelled, left out and criticized. They also sometimes felt used because they could speak up and defend while others were more complacent and followed the rules leaving them feeling unsupported and even hung out to dry while defending truth.

Indigos often struggled between their deep sensitively and their fiery temper and anger. They have a great love and connection to friends, family and the world in general. These early Indigos have waited a long time for the masses to finally understand them, respect them and honour them and what they are here on this planet to do. This is happening more and more. They are now able to enter into their true life purposes, leaving jobs to pursue their soul’s longing. They are also here to open the space for the next wave of children to come and create the systems and world these future generations can resonate with.


Challenges for parents raising Indigos:


Being able to manage their need to be outspoken and their argumentative nature.

Their lack of respect for authority and adults who are not living in integrity.

Their high energy, impulsive behaviours, their inability to focus and remain motivated.

Raising them in a school system not designed for their right brain, hands on, visual type learning style.

Dealing with their depression, anger and even rage as well as their emotional sensitivities.

Dealing with suicidal tendancies, deep anxiety, inner turmoil and sadness.

Dealing with any addictions.

Parents can feel hopeless, tired and overwhelmed with their Indigos and may have a tough time finding a support system that can be non-judgemental and loving so these kids and their families can thrive and be successful.


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