Crystal Children

Crystal Children:


1950-1960                   –                       undocumented, #’s unknown, very few

1970-1980                   –                       100’s – 1000’s

1990-2000                   –                       tens of thousands

2000- present              –                       millions/tens of millions (Critical Mass)



The largest wave of Crystals are under 10 years of age right now. They came in 10-20 years after the largest wave of Indigos came partly due to the fact that they had to wait until Indigos came of age to parent them and the earth’s energy to raise to a level that they could exist in with more ease. That was part of the job of the Indigos. Their energy is that of unconditional love and peace. They do not house the warrior spirit and fiery temper of the Indigos yet benefited greatly fro their trailblazing. Unlike the Indigos they choose to avoid conflict and harsh situations. They are highly discerning about the energies of people and places and will avoid denser energies if allowed.


Traits of a Crystal Child:


Large luminous eyes that seem to penetrate through you and almost hypnotize you

Gentle loving peacekeepers

Extremely forgiving and understanding

Sometimes can be shy, quiet, introverted and seem withdrawn

Highly intuitive and telepathic (many Crystal children are late talkers)

Extremely sensitive on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritual to the point of sometimes overwhelm.

Highly empathic and can feel and sense others emotions and see aura’s and energies.

Problems being bullied because of their loving gentle nature (especially our male crystals), they have an inability to fight back and stand up for themselves due to their loving and caring nature.

Fascination with rocks, nature and crystals.

Great love for animals and often times can communicate with animals telepathically.

They do not like confrontation and will steer away from it.

Communicated regularly and easily with the spirit/angelic realm, often has imaginary friends and speaks of other realities in the real way

Some are diagnosed as Austistic due to their inability to disconnect from this world when they feel threatened, uncomfortable, unsafe or the energies and negativity is too harsh.

They are highly in-tune with the earths energies and shifts which can cause them to feel ill and even agitated.

Highly sensitive to process foods, chemical, toxins etc…

Very intelligent but tends to keep to themselves.




Collective Crystal Purpose:


The Crystal Children are here to usher in the energy of unconditional love which includes forgiveness. They are true models of the way humanity should live in order to experience peace and harmony. They are here to bring the wisdom of how other dimensions exist in this vibration. They are here to assist humanity in moving out of their heads and back into their hearts. They are here to create an awareness of the reverence and respect needed for nature, the environment, each other and all things. They are aware of their interconnectedness with all things. They understand this wisdom of  Oneness. Their energy of unconditional love allows us as a planet to raise our vibration into that of harmony and peace. Their energy is also responsible for the transitioning of the Indigos as well. The Crystal Children have many highly evolved gifts and abilities that the world is only now being able to embrace and understand.



Challenges for parents raising Crystals:

  They can be quiet needy, clingy and fussy due to their sensitivity to energies

They tend to need a lot of attention and acknowledgement

They can become labelled quite easily with many learning and behavioural disabilities which creates and emotional roller coaster for parents

They can be picky eaters and may often get ill

They can be highly emotional or withdrawn and can have a hard time with large crowds and high stress situations

They are often bullied or quite passive and seemingly complacent

Social outings and events can pose challenges

They may suffer from night mares and night terrors, restless sleeping due to their physic abilities and awareness to beings on many different dimensions

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