Solutions for Ascension Symptoms

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Hello Everyone,

This article was forwarded to me and I found it to be something I know would support this community of Aware and Awake Individuals. As we continue to shift and evolve into FULL TRANSPARENCY AND OUR HIGHEST LIGHT, many are experiencing several physical, mental and emotional outbreaks, issues etc…

Many of our mainstream doctors may find the issues difficult to diagnose and treat in the way they have been trained to diagnose and treat. As wel all become aware of a more holistic approach to our care and wellbeing this article may be of some support when working with your doctors. Feel free to print out a copy for yourself and bring one along to your healthcare practitioner as well.

Once again, I continue to be amazed at the power of Young Living Essential Oils to support our wellbeing on ALL levels, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Be well,

Michelle LeRoy

Click on link to download the full article with references, Solutions for Ascension Symptoms.