Young Living Oils – Supporting Our New Earth Children

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Oils for helping them to maintain their high vibrations and frequencies as the world catches up (provides them energectic support):

Rose, Joy, Harmony, Inner Child, Highest Potential and Magnify Your Purpose

– this helps to alleviate the countless symptoms that occur when these children have had prolonged exposure to density, negativity and/or environmental toxins etc..


Oils that support the maintenance of a clear connection to the Divine, Universal Intelligence which they rely on:

Frankincense and/or Myrrh, (temples, crown of head, naval, soles of feet, 2nd and 3rd chakras and inhale)

White Angelica and/or Helicrysum (on the backs of the shoulder, the crown soles of feet and wafted over entire auric field)


Oils that support grounding/rooting/anchoring ones self to the earth:

Lavender, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Patchouli (many of the tree like oils and earthy oils)

These oils are best when applied to the soles of the feet and inhaled for 3-5 minutes.


Keeping their home, daycare and school environments free of toxins:

(these can be sprayed or diffused into the air)

Thieves, Purification, the Citrus Oils (Citrus Fresh, Lemon, Orange, Tangerine)

Note: The Lemon Oil and Peppermint Oil are great oils for wiping down desks at school and surfaces at home, keeps the space uplifting and children more alert and focused.

 **Note: Orange oil harnesses the energy of the Sun which is a wonderful resource for all of us (adding a drop of Orange oil to a pitcher of water is a wonderful alternative to fruit juices and livens up our water**

Oils that support restlessness (also described as ADD/ADHD)

Lavender, Peace and Calming, Clarity and Brain Power as well as any of the grounding oils stated above.

To Aid in Focus and Concentration:

Peppermint can also be added by applying to the temples, 3rd eye and inhaled, Clarity and Brain Power have also been successful


Oils that serve in both a supportive and protective way for their Electro Magnetic Field and Aura of Our Children:

These oils help keep negativity and densities from being absorbed into their fields and creating overwhelm or behavioural outbreaks, they also help to maintain the integrity and strength of their fields

White Angelica, Angelica, Frankisence, Rose Oil, Helicrysum


Oils and other Young Living Products that support a Healthy Home:

Thieves Essential Oil – anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral

The Thieves Oil is found In many of the Household and Personal Hygiene Products  such as:

Thieves Household Cleaner, Thieves Handwash, Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier, Thieves Room And Throat Spray, Thieves Lozenges, Thieves Toothpaste and Mouthwash all of which are highly recommend and rooted in the Biblical times as the blend of oils and spices used to prevent contracting the Black Plague during that time period.

The ancient wisdom of the series of oils that were rubbed on the body by those who survived was used for this blend called “Thieves” and is highly recommended to use in the home to combat everyday toxins and chemicals in the air.

**Using the Thieves Products creates a highly quality and high frequency home environment free of toxins and chemicals that the children can enjoy and thrive in.

***Contact me for more information on how to order these oils for yourself and your loved ones.

As an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Intuitive Spiritual Counselor I offer personalized sessions which address the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a client and create a customized “oil protocol” for them to support where they are at at the time.


Diamond Children

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Transmission received Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

 from the Guardians of The New Earth Children

Diamond Children carry nothing with them, nothing sticks to them, it all flows through them like water, like air, they come with nothing to personally clear. There vibration is so high it automatically and completely transcends density and negativity.

They represent the energy of “overcoming any and all obstacles, ” they are able to overcome. They energetically represent clarity and transparency and allow others the opportunity to see and feel and know with instantly clarity. Things become obvious and clearer to those around them and those who choose to interact and engage with them. Due to their ability to see and feel their way through all veils often times they don’t say much and can end up just staring blankly into your eyes. Their energy can be interpreted as arrogant and unresponsive. They may often times be reprimanded for their lack of interest or contribution to conversation. They hold the DNA coding that allows those who are ready to overcome the illusion of this world. They provide the ability to assist with world with unlocking it’s full potentiality and limitless possibilities.

There are only a few Adults on the planet right now that carry this Diamond Coding and are helping to prepare the earth for the influx of Diamond Children. Those adults such as yourself can therefore instantaneously awaken those who are ready. Diamond Energy can instantaneously remove the veil and bring someone (who is ready and willing and where it is aligned with their life path and purpose at this time and for their own highest and best good) to return to fully knowing and remembering although the process is done over “time” and in alignment with the Divine. (divine timing)

 The Diamond Energy is all flowing, all glowing all loving all knowing

 Fresh fruits, nuts and seeds.

Diamond Children have many diet sensitivities, organically more of a “breathatarian”, not normal to eat through their mouths the way we do. Have many digestive issues, cording, draining etc…, find it hard to process food, and 3D energies in general, negativity is like poison to them. They require pure air to breath and pure water to drink. They have the wisdom of a Perfected Universe.

One Diamond Teen said that the world is like a battery with many layers and essential essences and constituants, over time we have broken down and destroyed the battery, it is the Diamond Children that will provide the deep wisdom of Creation to help “rebuild this battery”. Many of the older Diamond Children (and their aren’t many), have had a difficult time existing to this point with little resources to rebuild them and help them maintain balance and centeredness. They are sparkling perfection in their ability to shine their light/sparkle into the world.

Written by: Michelle LeRoy

Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Star, Diamond, Autistic Children – “Waking Up Our World”

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Hello Friends,

Due to the overwhelming amount of parents coming to me now for support in the raising of our highly intelligent, multi-facited, overwhelmingly sensitve and empathic children I decided to post some of what we are dealing with in the homes and lives of these children and their families. **You are not alone please reach out to others for support and love we are learning as we go along with Our New Earth Children, be patient with yourself and all others.

– The inability to go out of the house

– The paralyzing and overwhelming display of heightened emotions

– Anger, depression, deep sadness and expressing words of utter despair

– Vomiting, high fevers, night terrors, restlessness, sleeplessness, agitation, frustration and irratiblity

– The inability to function in our school system, radical number of absences and unexplained illnesses

– Headaches, diareha, naseau, severe body aches and pains

– Highly attached to parent/s, unable to be left alone, taken to daycare, dropped off at school and countless ear infections, throat infections, chest infections, colds and flus

– Skin rashes (seeminly uncomfortable in their own skin)

– Countless food related sensitivities, no appetite, extremely picky eaters,

Just to mention a few…..

What we are experiencing right now is a generation of parents completely overwhelmed, confused and desparate for answers. What we are experiencing is a generation of parents barely surviving day by day with all the uniqueness, explosion of disease, illnesses and senstivities that our new generation have brought to our planet. What we are witnessing is a mass of labelling, misunderstanding, medicating, and punishing of a generation many have yet to embrace, explore and understand beyond their own current might I say, limiting beliefs and available information.

My goal is to dedicate my life to these children, to these newer generations of children and be their voice. My goal is to support the parents, daycare provides, caregivers, teachers and doctors in a way that serves to broaden our awareness of what is really going on with our children. My goal is to work together with all who are ready to explore “a spiritual perspective”, all who are ready to delve in to the “bigger picture” on why these kids are here, what their purpose is and how vital they are to our evolutionary process.

Please visit my other website: for more information and upcoming workshops, presentation and seminars. Thank You!

Michelle LeRoy


Recommended Reading List

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6. Children Of Now

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8. Parenting the Children of Now: Practicing Health, Spirit, and Awareness to Transcend Generations

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Letting me be me

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“Here I am with my grandmother. Growing up she seemed to be the only one that spoke my language. The only one I understood and that understood me. I always thought of her as my Earth Angel who watched over me “down here”. She was someone who could let me fly, experience life and make mistakes without ever feeling like I’d let her down, disappointed her or lose her love and appreciation. She let me be me.”

“She was the one I could talk to without talking, she was the one I felt safe to ask questions I wouldn’t dare ask anyone else. She was the one who showed me the way by what she did, what she said and most importantly, what she didn’t say.”

I love you Granny, Michelle

We are all one — The Kids Speak YouTube video

This is a Youtube video I found that I LOVE and wanted to share with as many people as possible. It’s posted by markmeyers012’s Channel. Enjoy!

Calling All Parents – A checklist of symptoms related to being Highly Aware and Sensitive

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  1. They are highly intuitive and telepathic, which somtimes manifests as late talkers, often being diagnosed as non-verbal learning disability, many spend countless hours in speech therapy
  2. They can feel others emotions and hear other people’s thoughts (including their parents and teachers) often manifesting as withdrawl, shyness, or hurt feelings when surrounded by those who are not as mindful of their thoughts and words
  3. They seem to daydream a lot, seem to not pay attention, or “zone out” – a sense of “not being here”, they are often scolded for appearing to disregard instructions and requests, even appearing rude and disobident
  4. They can suffer separation anxiety, asthma, breathing problems duet to the toxins in our air and the inability to inhale/breath in life, some also experience seizures which is a sign other an upgraded nervous system on overload
  5. They continually experience vomiting, skin rashes, and other reactions to toxins, chemicals and other man-made substances in their homes, schools, clothing, foods, toys, etc..
  6. They are often times filled with and abundance of life force energy which manifest as excitement, enthusiasm and a great need to move around alot, often being diagnose with ADD, ADHD

7. They can have a hard time concentrating and focusing on one thing (on one dimension of reality), they have the ability to see in to the unseen realms with ease

8. They communicate with their angels and other higher dimensional beings openly and frequently, can manifest as imaginary friends

9. They can suffer a lot from night terrors, nightmares and “bad dreams” due to their ability to see and hear other dimensional realities and to see and connect with souls that have passed on

10. They can see energy, auras, some even can seen like X-Ray and hear like an Ultrasound

11. They can often feel overwhelmed by a lot of noise, do not function well with hurrying, rushing or transitions/change, it takes their highly sensitive and intuned systems time to adjust and integrate into different environments and different energies (like going from a hot tub into the cold’s night air, or going from your warm comfy bed into your workplace or office, the feel and energies are different and they feel these differences at a heightened level.

12. They can be affected by artifical light, and strongly affected by EMF’s  (t.v’s, computers, video games cell phones, ipod, ipads etc..) which can manifest as irritability, tiredness, exhaustion, and other imbalances etc.. not to mention the highly addictive quality of these devices.

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My Greatest Gift

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Hi Friends,

I hope you will find the time to read…..

Today I woke up with a dense feeling, a heaviness a familiar feeling and decided to get out of bed and “sit with this” and journey into a meditation to discover it’s roots. I discovered this and thought I’d share with other Indigos who may be feeling the same.

As a Indigo child (not knowing this term/identification at the time) I was deeply sensitive and connected to ALL THAT IS! I felt everything to my very CORE, my very BEINGNESS. I could sense everything going on underneath the surface of people, places and things. I NOW realized my reality and experiences were far more deep rooted in the Deeper Realms Of The Universe and in the Frequency Of Truth and Connectedness than most others around me. I was unaware of the fact that most people around me were not experiencing life and situations from the same perspective I was and this caused great frustration in communicating, a feeling of not fitting in, sometimes isolation and at times great anger. I found it very hard to find people who could speak to what was REAL and HONEST. I didn’t understand the need to cover up and lie about what was really going on and what they really felt. Despite their words, I always KNEW, I could see past the words, hear past the justifications and feel the sadness behind the smiles. Growing up this way was both confusing and painful. When the world was sad, so was I, when others felt pain, so did I, when others were scared I felt their fear. I didn’t even have to be around people to know how they were feeling and what they were experiencing.

I couldn’t shut it off and when I tried to help by telling them how they were really feeling or what they were really experiencing it would have terrible consequences. They would turn away from me, be angry at me and make me feel like I was crazy and for a time they succeeded. How was it that telling the TRUTH and TRYING TO HELP others acknowledge THE TRUTH in order to HEAL caused so much Negatively and Harshness in return?

I used many methods to try and “shut off this connection” so that I could just live on the surface and fit in or get along. Drugs, Alcohol, and Risky Behaviour were my unhealthy tools. It allowed me to “change the channel” to the “movie” of the earthly realm without interruption or interference from “other realms”. I did have one healthy tool and that way DANCE. I danced 5-6 times per week whether it was my own lessons, or teaching others. I am a firm believer in the ARTS for healing and allowing us to experience our true essence and beauty.

So I continued to struggle between existing in TRUTH my comfort zone and a place where I felt most myself and living in a world of Many Faces of Untruth, Disconnectedness and Lies. Playing along with the Surface game just to fit in and get along while deeply troubled inside at the inauthentic way this felt to go through the world.

Today I realized the more and more I return to my (OUR) true state of Connectedness and Oneness with the Universe all these feelings come back too. The heightened sensitivity, empathic experiences and again the reactions and responses from others for just being REAL and HONEST. Except this time in full understanding of my prior experiences as a child and gaining NOW the ability to stand in this TRUTH OF MYSELF and FEEL SAFE and FEARLESS knowing I am always watched over, fully protected and seen by the Divine within and without. I realize as long as I am standing in my truth in every instant I am at peace, at home and One With All That Is and that is all that really matters. I am love, we are love and that is the TRUTH. As we stand in this TRUTH (love vibration) all else is as it is, and is perfect! I am more able to be the observer of this earthly “play” without reacting. Instead I am now able to just “notice” and send blessings and love in return.

I am truly grateful for what once seemed like a horrific existence of so much pain and suffering turned out to be MY GREATEST GIFT. This gift is that those experiences allowed me to be fully aware of how THE NEW EARTH CHILDREN are also experiencing life and BE THERE VOICE!

So remember as the WORLD IS WAKING UP, AND DEEP CORE ISSUES ARE COMING TO THE SURFACE TO BE RELEASED, WE ARE ALL BEGINNING TO FEEL IT TO OUR VERY CORE. This is proof of our interconnectedness to All That Is! What the world is going through collectively shows up in our own personal reality as well. Always check in and ask, is this mine? or is this the worlds? The more and more we are aware of our Connectedness the more we will feel.
Continue to heal, release and lose the densities of THE OLD EARTH. BE STILL, MEDITATE AND ALWAYS CHECK IN TO SEE WHAT IS YOURS AND WHAT IS OURS. If it is OURS acknowledge and allow it to flow away sending love, peace and healing. If it is Yours, address it, heal it and transmute it up to CREATION for safe keeping, it no longer serves you.

**As a Holistic Practitioner with a deep Connection to Indigo Adults, Teens and The New Earth Children, I dedicate a lot of my practice to the Healing and Evolving of these wonderful Warriors, Beings of Light and Wayshowers! Please don’t hesitate to come out to my Events and Meditations Circles as well as booking a Personal One on One Session, Couple Session, Parent and Child Session or Family Session.

Thank You All for taking the time to read this. Forward it on to anyone else whom you feel you’d like to. I am always just a phone call or email away. Ready to serve, in love, joy and humbleness.

Love and blessings,

Michelle LeRoy


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Hello Friends,

Today I woke up FULL OF A JOY AND FULL OF A LOVE BEYOND JUST ME! It was a childlike playful feeling JOY and LOVE. My intuition told me that this is the essence of what so many children are bringing to our planet at this time.
This feeling was both intoxicating and magical! I remembered having felt this feeling many times as a child and also after deep meditations, spiritual gatherings, healings and retreats but today it was extra special and it came with this message to share:

We have been going through a lot collectively and many of us are experiencing the collective healing and releases which are impacted our own personal lives. Right now a lot of the collective releases are of GUILT AND SHAME from a journey of many many lifetimes. So these may also be showing up in your life own life as well as on a global level these feelings live within all of us. These experiences of the collective emotions at times play havoc on our own personal balance and harmony.

For our highly sensitive children they too are not exempt from this collective shifting and experiences. At this time we must slow down, hold them gently, love them abundantly and continue to provide them a home environment that is serene, peaceful, calm and filled with JOY in order to balance what the rest of the world is emanating, whether it be fear, anger, confusion, guilt, shame or sadness.

These small precious treasures are to be held with reverence and respect for coming at this time to usher in the change and shift. They are little light workers of great wisdom and love who have chosen to lead us into a new world harmony, joy and grace.

Today we must take time to BE with OUR CHILDREN AND ALL CHILDREN WE COME ACROSS. Stop and take the time to allow them to see your gratitude and love for them, show them joy and understanding, not your fears, anger and confusion. These children know of a vastly different world then the see right now, this world lives deep inside of them and they are passionate about seeing this inside world reflected in their external reality.


We as adults have a responsibility to co-create this reality and beautiful inner world with them here and now. What planet will you leave your kids to live in?

I believe that children are our future, teach them well and LET THEM LEAD THE WAY, show them all the beauty the posses inside, give them a sense of pride to make it easier, LET THE CHILDREN’S LAUGHTER REMIND US HOW WE USE TO BE!” – Whitney Houston

Thank you for taking the time to read! Stay tuned for 5 upcoming workshops on THE NEW EARTH CHILDREN beginning in January 2010. Please know at this time you are not alone and reach out to each other for support and guidance. It truly does take a village to raise our children.
As always it is a honor to serve at this time with love, compassion, joy, humbleness and grace. Don’t hesitate to email or call me if I can be of service at this time to you and your families.

Love and blessings,

Michelle LeRoy

Message from the Guardians of Love and Light

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Hello Friends,

Today as I woke up to begin my morning routine of meditation which includes the offering of gratitude for the opportunity to serve another day, the setting of intentions for the day and also the deep inner listening to hear what is truly requested of me for this day… this is what I heard and felt compelled to share.
“Michelle, these are times of great change, these changes are occurring on every level in everyone in each cell of our bodies. Some are aware and some are still not. Those who are aware of these changes are continually dedicated to working on themselves, seeking the support they need and readjusting the way in which they live. Those who are still unaware and unable to make this shifts will find it more and more difficult and experience suffering.

These changes are necessary in order to assimilate more comfortably into these new energies. Mother Earth is going through a deep cleansing and rebirth and everyone and everything is connected to this process.

The energies of Our New Earth is one of Oneness, Love, Joy, Harmony and Grace. On a New Earth we acknowledge and harmonize with the fact that WE ARE ONE. The veil of separation has been lifted. It is a wonderful time that allows an unprecedented opportunity for soul growth and to release what no longer serves us.

As you know the energies of The New Earth Children continue to play a vital role during these changing times and must be acknowledged. These children come with higher and higher states of consciousness and awareness than many adults have ever known in this lifetime. We must allow the gifts they bring to be held with reverence and respect. Continue to take time to listen to the children, pray for them and offer gratitude for what they have chosen to do at this time for us ALL.

Those adults, like yourself who have been able to connect again with their intuition, higher states of consciousness and awareness are the ones these kids are depending on to support them. This is a time of Great Change where many of the systems no longer serve these children, from our medical system, education system, parenting and family models right down to the very food we eat. This is a time to take great risks for the sake of our children. This is what the Indigo Energy is all about. Continue to follow your guidance in every moment and speak your truth about these children and what has been revealed to you. Be not afraid I am with you always. Go now in service to love, honor and obey what’s in your heart and soul. That is all for now.”

Dear friends, thank you for taking the time to listen to this message. Spending more and more time in deep inner listening will help you on your way to what is needed for you to continue to heal and expand. For those of you who have children, know others who have children or work with children take time to look them in the eyes and listen they have so much to share and so much to teach us.

Love and blessings,

Michelle LeRoy,

Founder of The New Earth Childern Centre and Family Support Group

Energy Medicine Practitioner

Intuitive Spiritual Counsellor &
Kids Coaching Connection Life Coach
*specializing in Indigo, Crystal, Star , Rainbow and Diamond Children

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