**Michelle is truly a gifted healer for our children. Her ability to tap into the key messages that pertain to our children’s lives and health is remarkable. She was able to pass along messages for and from my non-verbal son that confirmed not only that she is truly hearing his inner voice, but that have given me the reassurance that I too can and have been hearing and communicating with my son’s soul and higher self. Immediately after having distant healing sessions, my son had physical “reactions” that clearly showed he was going through the detoxing and grounding process that we were working on. I highly recommend working with Michelle in order to assist you on your path of understanding and healing for your children.

Rose-Anne T. – mother of a 12 year old Autistic Son – Brantford, ON

Michelle was recommended to me by my naturopath to help my daughter with her difficulty sleeping.  From the first time we met Michelle, my daughter and I were feeling hopeful that she could help us in our goal for a restful night of sleep.  Michelle worked with my daughter for a few weeks and recommended some specific essential oils to help with feelings of fear and insecurities.  Over the last couple of months, my daughter has been sleeping through the night for the first time in years.  She feels safe and calm.  Michelle has been a true gift to us.  We will be forever thankful for her expertise and knowledge in helping our family.

  ~Thankful in Georgetown


My husband met an aquantance of Michelle LeRoy’s in Toronto at a Health Show (and she referred us to Michelle LeRoy). My son was diagnosed with autism almost 4 years ago and we have been searching and wondering what we can do to help our son.

I have to admit we were hoping that by seeing Michelle that perhaps she could be that missing link that could help us recover our child.  Yes, we knew that our son was special…like all our children are but there was something wrong that had to be fixed.or so we thought.  In reality what needed to be fixed was our attitude.  Michelle helped our family to become more open and more accepting of him. Personally, I was still grieving the loss of the “neurotypical” child I thought that was taken away from me with autism.  I was so stressed with having to fix him and blaming myself for his diagnosis that I didn’t see I was really missing out.  Michelle helped me accept God’s grace to overcome that and see my son for who he really is and to love and appreciate him.  I’m also learning to be more open and realizing his gifts.  My desperation has turned to hope, my stress has turned to joy.  My son is a wonderful, happy boy who continues to amaze me. May God bless all our special children and their families.

With gratitude,

Anna – Stratford, ON


A testimonial from a client who lost his mom at 4 years old and suffered through not only the loss of his mother but years and years of bullying, he has now started his own website to put a stop to bullying, based on his own personal journey. Check it out! Way to go Andrew!


Thank you SO much Michelle! I couldn’t have done it without YOUR help. You made a lot of this happen. And I encourage you to keep doing what your doing, literally changing peoples lives cause I know you’ve changed mine :)

Andrew Hamblin – Georgetown 13 years old


Our naturopath had recommended Michelle to me previously, but it wasn’t until my son said that when we argued, he thought it might make my “heart hurt” that I knew Michelle was exactly who we needed to see.  On our first visit, my son connected with Michelle immediately, and talked and talked well beyond our scheduled hour.  I have had the priviledge of sitting in on their sessions, and have been so impressed with the techniques Michelle has used.  It has helped me understand what is important to my son and our relationship has improved a lot.  Listening to their conversations and practicing at home has also helped me see how I can do things differently and how I contribute to the situations that come up.  I have seen real results in a short amount of time and cannot thank Michelle enough.

M.S.  Georgetown


I discovered Young Living Essential Oils years ago when I was researching alternative solutions for my son’s genetic condition. I loved exploring and experimenting with the various oils to discover where they would help my family best.
Now years later, I find myself immersed in YL Essential Oils for some many reasons. Personally, I have been enjoying different oils to support my pregnancy; Everything from Valor and PanAway for the different joint aches, to Gentle Baby to keep my ever-expanding belly feeling great, to Peace and Calming for those emotional moments.

My son is still testing out several different singles and blends. Primarily Valor, Lavender, and Cedarwood to help him with his grounding. Looking forward to working with him with the Raindrop Kit for his scoliosis.

Around the house, my favorites are Thieves, Lemon, and Purification. Everything smells and feels cleaner. And my husband just commented that he really likes the taste of Thieves mouthwash!

Everyday I am finding new uses and combinations for so many different needs.

Rose-Anne Turunen – Brantford, ON


I have attended Michelles meditation classes and met with her for parenting support and guidance through the transition to motherhood. She is a very inspiring and kind person who has a lot of experience in these areas. She is extremely professional. I am very grateful for her support and everything I have learned from her. I would recommend her classes and one-on-one sessions for any parent craving more balance in their life and home.

Tracy Wild-Suek, Milton, ON


A testimonial on Michelle and The New Earth Children Community, this community provides a place where people can gather and celebrate Life.
It is a Loving atmosphere and creates for the world a much needed environment.
I can only anticipate the beautiful future that this wonderful community will help to create.
I found them in the depths of my despair and will continue to support them in the Glory of Love.

with Love,
Daniel Salij


I left a message with the receptionist at your office for you and Nicole one day, it was about 3 or so weeks ago re: my results.  I thought it would be nice for you and Nicole to hear my positive testimonial.  As you know I went for surgery after I saw you and they took a biopsy plus I had an internal ultrasound.  I had to wait 2-1/2 weeks for the results and the surgeon actually called me with wonderful news.  The tests showed I’ve gone from a complex to a simplex which from every medical documentation I’ve read on the subject that sort of thing is unheard of.

Just think I could have made the decision to have had a full hysterectomy.  She even admitted that the regime Nicole put me on may have had a very good impact and she is considering working along side with a naturopath such as Nicole if a patient with the same severe condition I had comes into her office.

I felt very good going into surgery, I felt I was healed, even my recovery was a breeze compared to last time.   I personally feel not only was it the healthy eating and supplementation regime I was on that takes full credit for my healing but it was also, your healing sessions and keeping my thoughts as positive as possible along with my spiritual beliefs.  I am most grateful for your wonderful help and Nicole’s.  Thank you for everything you’ve done.  Now saying that I still plan to continue to see you from time to time so you haven’t seen the last of me.  :)

Thanks again, 

Georgetown, Ont


“Thank you Michelle for all the spiritual love work that you are meant to do. My children and I are grateful for your assistance in helping us strengthen our communication skills with each other in such a gentle and positive manner. You have truly unique gifts that are meant to be shared.

~ G. Powell


(technique for focus/add w/essential oils)

Hey Michele,

The pinhole focus technique is awesome.

It got me in the zone with hardcore focus. The burning sensation feels like it creates triangles all over my  body. That’s what it feels like for me. Its great!

Thanks for the insightful knowledge!

Paul DiBiase – York Region


I have been working with Michelle for almost 2 years now. I was guided to her meditation classes in the midst of

post-natal depression and anxiety. Myself and my family were suffering and I felt like part of me was missing.

After the meditation series, I began spiritual counselling with Michelle. The sessions allowed me to openly talk

about my challenges, thoughts and feelings with someone who had been there. Michelle is someone who believes

we all have the power within ourselves to heal our mind, body and soul. She listens and connects to give each of

her clients the guidance and direction they need on any given day.

Michelle is a role model and I am very grateful to know her. She continues to help myself and my family during these times of transition and change.

Tracy Wild-Suek – Milton, ON


Michelle is a wonderful spiritual guide who helped me to see the world more broadly and to overcome some difficult obstacles.  Her intuition sets her apart from others and her work rests on a strong ethical foundation.  She has helped and continues to help both myself and my two boys.  I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a deeper understanding of themselves or their children.

Cindy R, Georgetown


Michelle is a very graceful and loving energy practitioner.  The journey she guides you on is a journey to your soul, to your higher calling.  Powerful is an understatement!  A journey inward that allows you to see your oun magnificence unfolding.  She is a very gifted, magical presence, which allows you to catch glimpses of your own magic, and it happens very naturally and in a very safe and tangible way.  Thank you so much, Love you Michelle

Gemma Girimonte – Reiki Practitioner, Reflexologist & Aroma-Flex Practitioner – Bolton, ON




Hello Michelle,
Thank you so much  for your work on Friday. Tasya had a much better weekend this time than for a long time before. We would love to continue to work with you.  Thank you so much for everything you have done for us!
With Love and Gratiude,
Hello Again Michelle,
Tasya is doing absolutely amazing!!!!! She had another couple of rough weeks after our session with you and then things really changed! I think she decided to take control over her life once and for all. So, she is feeling much better. Thank you so much for your great work!!! I am using the oils every  day and love them.
With Love and Gratitude,

**I am the mother of an Indigo Child.

I never knew what an Indigo child was until just over a year ago. I knew that my child
was different. I was the mother of four children and something was very unique about
this daughter.

Everything I knew about raising children, which wasn’t much, since, this daughter was
my first. I raised my children the way I was raised. I came from a loving, supportive
family. We respected our parents, we followed the rules and if we didn’t, we dealt with
the consequences. This worked well for me growing up, so, I felt it was only natural that
I raise my children the same way.

My daughter was born healthy and was happy from day one! However, even at a very
young age, she had a strong will and an independent mind. I remember one incident
when she was less than a year old and she wanted to drag her bare hand in the snow. I
kept putting her mitten back on and she kept taking it off. It didn’t matter that her hand
was changing colour, she wanted to put her hand in the snow and nobody was going to
stop her!

I remember in school, she always took care of the child in the class that required special
needs. She sat beside them, helped them with whatever they needed and always tried
to include them.

When other kids were not treated fairly, she always stuck up for them. Getting herself
involved in situations that often led her into her own turmoil. The worst time for this was
in grade 7 and 8. She couldn’t handle a girl constantly be taken advantage of, even
though, the girl seemed ok with it. It was wrong and my daughter wanted to make it

My daughter loved school and the social aspects of it. However, she struggled. She
hated speaking in front of the class and writing tests. I had tutors for her since grade 4.
The school system didn’t see it, they didn’t see the anxiety that we went through with
her at home, it wasn’t until grade 8, that a neighbour suggested she be tested. Finally,
the school agreed and they had her tested the summer before grade 9. She was now
identified in the school system with a learning disability. I remember that they didn’t
make her feel badly, but, she knew she was different from the other kids and now she
was labelled. I’ll never forget that for 3 days straight, she stayed in her room. I found
papers later that were coloured many different ways saying, “I’m stupid”!!!

This was all new to me, I trusted the teachers were doing their best to help her. I tried
so hard to help her realize that she was not stupid, she just learned in a different way
and now the school would put systems in place that would help her. She felt better and
was very excited to go to high school. She got all her school supplies organized and
was doing very well for the first week or so, then, the special education department
would contact her and she had to leave the classroom to meet with her Special Ed teacher.

This was so hard on her, she was being segregated. I remember her saying, I
just want to be normal!!!

Every semester, it was like a fresh start. She would get all her school supplies
organized and was very eager. But, like every semester before, around the six week
mark, she got overwhelmed and found it hard to keep up. She didn’t follow what the
Special Ed. teachers suggested, she just didn’t want to be different. She tried her best
to fit in and work like the others.

During the time my daughter was having difficulty at school, especially in high school,
she was showing more problems at home. The “freak outs” as I called them when she
was younger, which I thought would be something she’d grow out of, just intensified.
She got more angry, she called me every bad name she knew, threw things and
became aggressive. All family functions were stressful. We never knew when she
would explode. It could be something about the eggs for breakfast or that her shorts
went missing. I thought it was all a behavioral thing. I met with social workers,
councellors and psychotherapists.

In school, the teachers either loved her or were frustrated. If she didn’t like the class or
the teacher was too strict about little details, she would react accordingly. My daughter,
who was always respectful to others outside of the home, was now causing problems at
school. It seemed that in all areas where she felt didn’t make sense, she wouldn’t go
along with it and rebelled.

Since she was doing well at school, she found other areas that she could excel in. Her
social life became her whole life. She loved being the girl that all other girls went to if
they had problems. Of course, I was concerned about school and she only wanted to
go out with friends. It got so bad, by the time grade 11 came she would say she was
too sick to go to school, but, would be ok after school and go out with friends. During the
summers, she stayed in her room all day, but would go out at night. The behavior was
getting worst at home. I made rules, she broke them, I disciplined, she’d freak out. The
“professionals” didn’t help our situation. I tried their suggestions, but, she just rebelled
more. She said that they “didn’t get it”! She stopped going, but, I continued. They
suggested that I lock the doors, she had to understand the rules…NOPE, that didn’t
work. We tried contracts, we talked… but, nothing seemed to work!

I was at a loss, I had no idea how to help her. During her grade 11 exams, she took
some pills. It was more of a cry for help than a suicide attempt. But, we treated it very
seriously. She went to a hospital for a few days and it helped a little. She was
assessed by a psychiatrist who said she had depression and anxiety. She wanted to
feel happy, she wanted the constant thoughts in her head to stop. They put her on
medication and at first she thought it helped. The medication helped her focus better at
school, but, after a couple of weeks, she stopped taking the pills, she didn’t like how
they made her feel. She said she felt numb.

That was five years ago. She managed to go to college, only to again feel
overwhelmed and found herself involved more with the “party scene” than school.
Anxiety and depression hit her harder than before and I was beside myself to find ways
to help her.

It wasn’t until almost two years ago when I met Michelle LeRoy to help me deal with my
health issues that I learned about Indigo children. Michelle told me to help myself first
and that would directly result in helping my daughter. Michelle helped me understand
her better. Then finally after swearing off meeting one more person, I was able to
convince my daughter to meet Michelle. That was about 8 months ago. The meeting
went very well and the first thing my daughter said to me after her meeting was….”mom,
she gets me!!!” She sent my daughter home with a book on Indigo Children and
couldn’t believe the connection she felt. She told me that it was important for me to
read it. I couldn’t believe the similarities. There were strategies that helped parents. It
made sense!

My daughter is doing very well today, she continues to grow and learn that she IS
NORMAL and also here to make a difference!

I couldn’t possibly thank Michelle LeRoy for coming into our lives, first for me! My
daughter was right all along….I was the one that needed the help! I thought she was
just being rude…but, she knew what she was talking about! If only I listened, if only I

But, as the saying goes, “When you know better, you do better!”

Lisa Q – Mother of an Indigo Child – Georgetown, Ontario

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