Our Vision


“Supporting the ever expanding consciousness on our planet, our children,
as we birth a new humanity.”

A Community that nurtures the child’s own unique divinity and gifts. A Community that allows freedom of expression and a child to feel safe, included and held with love in order to continually support the creative unfolding of their own inner brilliance. A Community that both honors and recognizes that each child is unique and significant to the whole. A community that provides resources, workshops, presentations, and support groups for those raising our new generation of “highly sensitive and aware children”.

A Community that supports the entire family unit in a loving, non-judgmental and authentic way. Offering tools and wisdom to strengthen the couple, the children, and the family as a whole. There is so much confusion and overwhelm that comes along with the raising these children without the “whole picture”. The New Earth Children Centre Community seeks to provide that “whole picture”. A Community which realizes the importance of harmonious interactions and experiences with the family unit and the community as a whole in order to provide a strong foundation and a feeling of lasting security and support. “IT REALLY DOES TAKE A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD”. Here we strive to be that global village which provides research, information, testimonials and personal experiences to aid others in the rearing of this new generation.

A Community that supports those seeking to live consciously, openly and in harmony with one another and All That Is!  A Community that welcome all and seeks to provide a  place of comfort, unconditional love and serenity so that each may find the information they are looking for and feel safe to fully express their own experiences and knowledge. See “The Parents Voice” section of this website to hear what other parents are saying. Feel feel to send me any and all information you’d like to contribute.

I know that there are so many looking for a community of Conscious Individuals that are committed to their own evolutionary journey and dedicated to working together to Collaborate, Cooperate and CoCreate  THE NEW EARTH.

It is my hopes that this Community will eventually have it’s own physical space and not just be an online community, a physical space that is duplicated all over the world.

Here is the beginning vision for this centre:

  • Top notch eco-friendly construction materials, energy efficient utility systems and located in a space surrounded by nature which could include trees, flowers, water/swimming pool, hills to climb, a hiking trail, a place to canoe/kayak.
  • A continued commitement to sustainability practices.
  • Furniture and accessories all eco-friendly and made by highly conscious companies.
  • Classrooms for children to learn in a holistic and conscious way, allowing their own brilliance and divine design to be birthed into our world.
  • Dance classes, yoga classes, painting, drawing, music lessons, singing, story and poetry writing, wood working, cooking/baking, knitting/sewing, gardening, math, science, history, geography, etc. all taught in an open and free way, allowing the children to also teach us and have the ability to explore these topics in an organic personal way (both for children and adults) — Healthy happy parents raise healthy happy children.
  • Meditation classes and workshops/seminars for moms, dads, couples, grandparents, teachers, and all others who are committed to growing and expanding themselves spiritually.
  • A state of the art kitchen facility with holistic chefs preparing healthy meals for children and possibly healthy dinners for families to take home if needed.
  • Flexible schedules that allow for full-time commitment to the programs as well as drop in options as well.
  • Whether you are a stay at home mom, dad, neighbour, relative, or grandparent, you can come to the centre and bring the children in your care, and there will be something for you as well – whatever your interest, skills, talents.

I envision a place where everyone feels surrounded by love, compassion, and most of all, a sense of COMMUNITY! It really does take a village to raise our children (our future). We are all in this together and my hop is that no one feels alone and unable to access the help and support they need.

As a mom of three children myself, I know firsthand how important my family, friends, community were for me during my 11 years as a stay at home parent and even to this present day, raising two teenagers and a pre-teen. I am blessed to have had a huge support, but was also able to recognize where there was still pieces that were missing that would have made things easier and family life run smoother.

With that I am committed to sharing my experiences, my wisdom, and training in the many areas of families, children, and community.

I am also committed to continue to spread the awareness about THE NEW EARTH CHILDREN, who they are, why and how they are designed differently and how THEY PLAY A VITAL ROLE IN HUMANITY’S GROWTH AND EVOLUTION and to provide them a place to unfold that beauty with ease and grace.

If this is a project that you are interested in, I would love to hear from you as I know that this vision is not something I can do alone, and would welcome any input and support you can offer. Together we have many skills, talents, tools, and resources to make this happen!

The birthing of this vision has been many years in the making and at this time I have committed to now bringing it forth in the world in a deliberate, focused, and open way.

Please contact me at info@thenewearthchildrencentre.com

— Michelle LeRoy
Founder of The New Earth Children Centre Community

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