More detailed explanation of my services and what to expect




As an Energy Medicine Practitioner I honour and acknowledge the “Whole” person and have been trained in several alternative modalities to serve the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of their client.

As an Energy Medicine Practitioner I assert that every experience our soul has ever experienced has been stored in our cellular memory and energy systems. It is these stored experiences, suppressed emotions and blockages that are at the root of all disease, disharmony, suffering and illness.

My ability to connect with a client on all levels of their being in order to use both my formal training combined with my own highly intuitive and empathic nature enables me to see, hear, know and feel what is really going on in the client’s life that is creating suffering and di-ease in order to return the client to a place of vibrancy, vitality and joy.

As an Energy Medicine Practitioner I strive to assist the client in unlocking their own innate inner healer, divine master and divine wisdom. It is also my intent to provide a safe, loving and non-judgemental space for a client to be able to share what is necessary for their highest and best good and optimal healing experience. It is my goal to empower and to assist in unlocking each and every client’s own beauty, uniqueness, gifts and abilities that will serve their highest good and unlimited potential. It is very important that the client understands the importance of their own openness and willingness to heal and move forward in their life as being the real key to success and thriving.

The more we are able to shed our past, release what is no longer serving us and welcome in new possibilities and perspectives that will assist us in manifesting our dreams and goals, the more we are able to truly be all we are meant to be!


Michelle LeRoy









Although each and every client is unique and therefore their session are individual and customized for the specific needs of the client there below is a list of things one can expect to experience:



The session begins with the filling out of the intake form in order to gather the necessary information for the session.

I then open the session with a mini prayer and intention to serve in the highest and best way inviting all the angels, guides and infinite beings of love and light that surround, guide, direct and protect the client’s highest and best good to join us (the client’s intention and reason for coming is then asked and acknowledged). Note: sometimes a client has a set of intentions and sometimes they are open to allowing the divine to guide the session as to what the most important area to look at may be. There has been times when a client comes for one reason and ends up discovering some other issues and areas in their life their guides/angels feel more pressing and primary for them to deal with.

I always ask to download the priority path that is fully and completely aligned to the Divine plan for the client’s highest and best good and that each session unfold with ease and grace in alignment with the Divine Right Timing, safely, easily, peacefully and permanently.

Then through a series of questions, answers, explorations, breathing exercises and meditation practices I am able to receive information and get a clearer picture on the root cause of their issues. The client is also given tools to help assist them on their healing journey, such as breathing techniques, guiding meditations, mantras and other recommendations. The ultimate goal being to assist the client in accessing their own truth, areas that need healing and the ways to do this on their own.


An Energy Medicine Session begins the same way as a Spiritual Counselling Session with the intake form, mini prayer and intention and the inviting in of the angel, guides and infinite beings of love and light to surround us and guide us for the highest and best good of the client.

It is then that I (the practitioner) address the issues as I am guided to and incorporate any all necessary healing arts and techniques in the order that is appropriate. During an Energy Medicine session I (the practitioner) may be guided to have the client on the massage table for all or part of the session.

During a session I may also incorporate the Amethyst Crystal Bio Mat and Young Living Essential Oils to enhance and compliment the session.




Breathing Techniques, Mantras and Affirmations

Guided meditation and visualization

Intuitive Guided Energy Work

Reiki and IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) – both hands on healing techniques

Chakra Balancing, Clearing and Cleansing

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Intuitive Communication and Clairvoyance shared with the client as guided to

Rainbow Healing Energy – Colour Therapy (bringing in colours to heal the body)

Vibrational Medicine/Remedies when necessary

Sound Therapies – includes Toning

Crystal Healing – the use of various crystals to support the client

Aromatherapy – the use of Young Living Therepeutic Grade Essential Oils

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