Well Hello Everyone It’s Been Awhile!

Hi Everyone,

I want to thank you for your patience while I tended to other aspects of my life, my business and The New Earth Children Centre Global Community. This website is set to go fully active again come September 2016 with lots to catch everyone up on and exciting news including My Daily Blog – Michelle’s Message and for those who have yet to join the Facebook Group here is the link below:


As we have now welcomed parents from Australia, UK, Mexico, Israel, almost every province and state in both the U.S. and Canada as well as across Asia and South America we are definately making a difference Awakening the World to the Consciousness of Our Global Children and their purpose, focus and the possibilities for peace, harmony and truth to be restored both within ourselves and all others therefore creating a transparent awakened world!

Our Heaven on Earth!

Please also join my Bottles of Bliss Team for those who are looking to join my Young Living Mission to support everyone family on the planet with these amazing highly vibrating pure authentic essential oils – God’s gift to us at this time – Nature’s Living Energy harnessed for our body, mind and spirit! These oils have proven to be miraculous in supporting our Highly Sensitive and Spiritually Aware Children and their families and therefore another passion I am pursing as a business to help fund this community and again awaken the World!

Please feel free to visit my facebook groups and if you would like to be a member of our Young Living Family – Bottles of Bliss Team we would love to have you!

https://www.facebook.com/younglivingbymichelle    – Young Living By Michelle

https://www.facebook.com/younglivingkids    – Young Living Kids


Enjoy and Stay Tuned!

Michelle LeRoy

Founder of The New Earth Children Centre Conscious Community

Supporting Parents and Families of Highly Sensitive and Spiritually Aware Children, one drop, one moment, one breath at a time!

It’s been awhile…

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Hello New Earth Children Centre Community,


It has been a while since i have posted and or blogged or shared a new “download” of information as I paused from the website to take time to get an on line presence on the other social media avenues such as twitter and facebook.

I would like all of you to know that The New Earth Children Community is still going strong and growing faster and faster every day as more and more of us “wake up” to the fact that we are “spiritual beings having a human form experience”. THIS INCLUDES OUR CHILDREN!


Please visit my page on facebook: A New Earth Children Centre Community

As of May 1st, 2014 I am re-focusing back on the website and will be posting regularly as well as advising everyone of upcoming workshops etc..


As always I am available for sessions for those families raising their children with awareness of spirit and the interconnectedness of everyone and everything as it impacts these children in a variety of ways on so many levels.


Thanks as always for your support and patience during this time of change and transition and taking this community to the next level.


P.S. I am also making available information on Young Living Essential Oils – “High Vibrational Oils for High Vibration Children.


With love and infinite blessings,

Michelle LeRoy