Michelle’s Welcome Message

Welcome everyone,

The creation of this website has been many years in the making for me and this moment is both exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

Several years ago I embarked on an intense commitment to my own spiritual journey, a commitment to really seek to understand life, loving and the purpose of it all. Although I believe from the day we are born that journey begins, the moment that I am talking more specifically about is the time I became “aware I was aware”, a time when I remembered that “waking up and returning to innocence” was our primary purpose in this lifetime. The time I remembered and committed myself to figuring out what I was REALLY HERE TO DO.

In that moment I discovered we are not here to struggle and strain, live in lack, greed, competition and disease. We are here to express the fullness and beauty of Who We Are. We are here to remember our connection to everyone and everything.

We are here to remember we are Perfect, Whole, Complete, All Knowing, Wise and Unconditionally Loving Beings of Pure Light. We are also here to remember that WE ARE ONE, one with each other and one with everything else that exists. This remembering has been a powerful one and at times an intense journey as we continue to create and live out of this deep truth and knowingness.

My journey has caused quite a lot of reflection on my childhood and allowed me to understand things with a new perspective and come to terms with many things that were unsettling to me. Growing up highly intuitive, empathic, sensitive and aware seemed to create challenges for me that others didn’t seem to experience. I had a wonderful and loving childhood. I have amazing parents, sisters and extended family yet life still seemed confusing. I grow up unable to fully feel understood and connected to those closes to me. I am truly grateful to have arrived at a place that allows me to be at peace with many of my childhood experiences. I am grateful to have been gifted with the chance to see things from a higher perspective and with a deeper knowing.

This journey has also allowed me to connect even more with my life purpose and planetary mission and that is to share my journey growing up as a child who had many intuitive gifts, abilities and heightened sensitivities which were physical (dry skin, allergies etc.), mental, emotional and spiritual in nature. I was a child who could go from a state of extreme anger, rage, too deep sadness, compassion and an overwhelming love for everyone and everything. I struggled alot with depression, rebelliousness, cutting myself, bulemia and suicidal tendancies.  I also experimented briefly with drugs and alcohol only to later discover all of these experiences were deeply connected to the intensity in which I experienced life. Life and living overwhelmed me.

I must admit the day I gave birth to my first child everything changed, I felt a sense of purpose, of freedom, of joy beyond what you can ever imagine. Giving birth to my daughter Alyssa changed my life forever and for the good no doubt. Being a mom came natural to me, loving and nurturing this child was easy and seemed effortless (not including the sleepless nights, teething, potty training etc..) but you know what I mean. We had a connection that went beyond words a knowingness about each other and an ability to laugh and play and be together that I had never experienced with anyone else. The closes thing I had ever had to this relationship was that of her father. Together we immersed ourselves in the raising and rearing of Alyssa. She was our world and our world was good!

We went on to have to more amazing children Tristen and Justin who equally rocked our world and infused it with a love that no words could express. These being of love, light and joy became our main focus our mission or goal and ensuring their happiness and well being was all that mattered. They were here to teach us so much about ourselves and about love. We were their humble students.

Parenthood provided countless joys and many beautiful moments. Parenthood also offered many challenges and forced us to expand ourselves our love beyond what we thought was possible. It wasn’t until many many years later I would uncover some information that would change my life forever…..information that helped me to understand me and also helped me to understand my children and adjust several of the ways I chose to raise them.


In 2006 I uncovered the term INDIGO CHILDREN and from that moment on, my life changed. The change occurred on so many levels of my being, I am still unable to put the experience into words except to say that I was reading books and articles and websites from people WHO KNEW ABOUT ME, WHO GOT ME, WHO UNDERSTOOD ME, AND THEREFORE HELPED ME TO UNDERSTAND MYSELF. Not only helped me to understand myself, but to understand my children as well.

After hours and days and weeks of reading and research, I knew I had found something that I would be pursuing for a very long time if not at least the rest of my time here on Earth.

There came an inner stirring  and a deep knowingness (which I was familiar with, growing up I called it God or Safe Keeper because during my many childhood experiences this voice or feeling would guide me and get me out of a lot of trouble, because I spent a lot of my childhood seemingly seeking trouble). This knowingness that I had finally found was TRUTH. I have finally found SOMETHING THAT REALLY MADE SENSE TO ME, SOMETHING THAT RESONATES ON EVERY LEVEL OF MY BEING. I was overjoyed and brought to tears at the same time.

Like a child with a new toy I began to share the information with everyone I knew whether they thought I was crazy or not. I felt a sense of freedom from teh confusion from what I call GROWING UP INDIGO. I was over teh moon and went out and bought all the books I could find on the topic.

At the time I was holding a FREE weekly meditation group around the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, another profound body of work which gave me great insights and revelations as well. Actually it was a beautiful lady by the name of Rita that attended my meditation group with her husband John that one day said, “Did you ever hear  of the term Indigo Children?” When she said the words my entire body tingled and I knew I needed to know more. It was the end of the class and after saying goodbye to the group, I went straight home to google it. Then proceeded to read every article and website on the topic. I was also leaving for my neighbours cottage the next day and ran out to pick up several books on the topic to be able to read while away at the cottage.

Funny enough while at the cottage my neighbour’s blind nephew named Cameron,who I believe was about 11 or 12 years old at the time really caught my attention. Although I had seen him several times before, now that I had this information I began to see him with NEW EYES.

Cameron was brilliant. The things that came out of his mouth, profound. I had an inner sense that the fact that he had impaired vision allowed him to have a deeper vision of truth and reality not obstructed by the physical experience but he could FEEL life, he could KNOW life on a much deeper / subtle dimension.

The more and more I read and researched the more I knew I needed to share this information in a larger way. With the help of my husband Ryan, I created a web site, created a meet-up group, and started putting out flyers and emailing people to see who was interested. The response was unexpected, so many people found the information as refreshing and comforting as I did.

I continued running my weekly meditation and support group on the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and found a large number of attendees were also Indigos and it wasn’t much long after that I began to integrate this information into the group.

I then started running separate monthly INDIGO Teen and Adult support group for those wanted to delve further into the topic. I also hosted several social events as well such as healing circles, drumming circles, a holiday party and an outdoor picnic. It was great to have so many people all in a room together who “spoke the same language”, who had many similar life experiences, and understood each other at the core. It was exhilarating.

Soon I discovered that GROWING UP INDIGO with a heightened intuition and awareness as well as a fierce warrior spirit and need to speak up meant that of us suffered great WAR WOUNDS – SOUL WOUNDINGS. Although growing up many children suffered wounding of the spirit, I was able to receive information on the specific wounds of Indigos on a soul level and began to heal these wounds within myself with the help of both the physical and non-physical teachers, masters and healers. I knew that going through this intense process would provide me the tools and information I would need to help others.

It seemed that I was constantly clearing, transmuting, releasing and healing things within myself and then the Universe would send me those that needed the same type of healing. It was like I was being taught how to do it for myself and then having to do it for others. I realized that once I cleared and healed something within me I energectically carried the “medicine” to heal others. They just seemed to find me, were referred to me and I was very honored to serve in this way. At that time my guidance was clear that I was to support other Indigo Adults, teens, children  and the parents/families of these gifted New Earth Children. FINALLY, I had found my LIFE PURPOSE, MY PLANETARY MISSION! It felt great, it felt right and I knew I was ready and willing to do the best that I could to serve.

In 2009 I began working with people one on one, in couples, as a family and also began facilitating more and more meditation and healing circles. It was joyous, I was happy, here was something I could do for the rest of my life and love it! Here was a way I could really make a difference, here was a way I could impact the lives of so many children in a positive way, here was how I could serve the world.

Slowly but surely more and more information began to  unravel with the discovery of Crystal Children, Star Children, Rainbow Children, and most recently for me the beginnings of the Diamond Children. I began meditating regularly and began to discover these children were talking to me, asking me for help, instructing me on how they were feeling, what life was like for them and how they experienced the world. I began to channel messages from the various groups of children.

Then most recently in 2011 it was the Autistic children that I was being guided to. I began to hear many many messages and receive many many signs which told me to prepare to serve this children in a larger way. I must admit I was intimidated, overwhelmed and confused. I did not have an Autistic child myself so how would I be able to understand and know what they needed and who they were. Ask and you shall receive they say…. no sooner did I ask the question that I started to receive the answers. My abilities were heightened, my seeing, knowing, feeling, hearing and sensing was amplified. It was like I can see through things, all things, like an X-Ray and hear sounds and whispers in a even more subtle realm. It was them, it was the Autistic Children connecting with me, I also at the same time was getting alot of information about Diamond Children. The energy was prominently that of FULL AND COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY AND CLARITY. What did this all mean, what would this all mean.

I would then be brought Autistic children and their families, I was amazed at my ability to connect with them, to hear their thoughts and feel what they were feeling. I was amazed at their willingness to work with me and their willingness to openly share (mostly non-verbally) what I needed to know and what I needed to share with their parents. It was as if I was having access to their realm and being given a key to all their wisdom in order to share it with the world. I felt both honored and humbled by this experience.

I was being shown many techniques to help ground them and integrate them onto the planet. I was being given countless messages for their parents as to what they needed and what they were wanting them to know. Each and every day I went home completely in awe of the things I was being able to experience and the profound results and impacts I was having with these children and their families.


Many of the things these children need is to be understood, have their life purpose uncovered fairly early, they need cleaner air to breath, pure water and food to eat, unconditionally loving and nurturing environments, highly evolved and conscious caretakers, teachers, health care practitioners. They will need to be cared for in a much different way then generations past. Alternative healing and therapies will be key to their well being, as well as the use of natural herbs, essential oils, natural organic materials and fibres for their clothing, bedding etc… and so much more.

They require a lot of exposure to nature, the arts, singing, dancing, instruments, story telling, creative writing, freedom to explore, invent and create in loving, non-judgmental environments. They need healthy holistically prepared food and drink. Meditation and yoga will also help to support them.

They are all about love, community, and oneness and must see this reflected around them in order to nurture their soul. Their frequency/vibration is much higher than most of us and therefore they can get frustrated or feel a deep sadness when exposed to denser more negative environments. These types of environments actually make them ill.

Many childhood ailments such as skin issues, asthma, ADD, Autism, Asbergers, seizures, etc have roots in the spiritual realm that need to be understood and supported.

Our current healthcare system and education system and parenting models must evolve and change in order to better support this NEW EVOLUTION OF HUMANITY.

THE TIME IS NOW TO PUT THIS VISION AND DREAM INTO REALITY. Many kids are suffering, feeling misplaced, lost, confused, sad, misunderstood, and even being unknowingly harmed by the people that love them most due to lack of information and understanding.

THE NEW EARTH CHILDREN CENTRE COMMUNITY WILL BE A PLACE THAT SUPPORTS THE NEW “SCHOOLING” OF THESE CHILDREN, and also supportS their parents, extended families, and friends, grand parents, etc.

This will be a new community for those of us who hae made a conscious choice to embrace the information about THE NEW EARTH CHILDREN and share our gifts, abilities, talents, and resources to help create not only this Centre, but a new world in which they can live in and thrive.

— Michelle LeRoy
Founder of The New Earth Children Centre Community

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