Please be advised that the information on this website is a blend of both my own personal life experiences which arose from the realization in my mid thirties that i was highly sensitive and spiritually aware child without a way to understand my place in the world and why I was the way I was and also why the outer world re-acted to me the way it did. I was very intuitive and empathic. I also have combined all the information on this site with my formal training in many complimentary modalities. This information has also been created from countless and seemingly endless hours spent in deep meditation and prayer about who I am and my life purpose. A process of inner asking and inquiring I teach others how to tap into as well in order to receive clarity and wisdom topics they are passionate about. This process I now call “stillness school’ thanks to a young 13 year old Caledon, Ontario highly gifted young boy who over lunch one day told me that he liked that school the BEST!

I totally agreed and understood where he was coming from!

As we all acknowledge and remember how to access/attend “stillness school” we can all return to our own brilliance and inner knowing. In my mind and in my heart this access to Universal Knowledge is the highest and best, not to mention most reputable University there is. I continue to assert that each and everyone of us arrive on this planet Divinely Educated and complete. That each of us come with a brilliant and essential life purpose equal in all ways to all others.

Everyone is important, Everyone is Significant and everyone is needed to do their part in the Divine Plan to achieving Heaven On Earth.

As you continue to peruse this website, and any others for that matter, I urge you to read with an open mind and an even more open heart. Take with you what you need and what resonates and leave behind what doesn’t without judgement or rejection. Seeing the blessings and jewels in all things. Please feel free to come back from time to time to re-read, re-visit and see what’s new!

As always, it is an honour and blessing to serve my fellow brothers and sisters here on earth and to do my very best to educate, share and provide the information that I receive about “THE NEW EARTH CHILDREN” – masters, buddhas and spiritual teachers in their own right.

In light, love, joy and grace,

I AM……
Michelle LeRoy

Email me at info@thenewearthchildrencentre.com

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