The New Earth Children Centre

A Community that supports the creation of our new world
being birthed through our children

“Our children speak the Voice of the Soul, and demonstrate through all they say, don’t say, think and do the Essence and Truth of the Universe.”

“The children being born on our planet hold the key to unlocking our New World.”

“These children are examples of all we have forgotten and display our dormant capacities and unlimited possibilities.

“As so many of us are waking up, becoming aware, unlocking our intuition and other gifts and abilities know that these children have played a key role in that unlocking. ” They have brought to our planet higher vibrations which allow us to access these within ourselves.”

“Many of these children are being misunderstood and forced to fit into a world that is dissolving right before our eyes, they are here to usher in the new world and demand that we take a look at what we have done and do differently.”

“They have come to demonstrate all that we have forgotten and need to remember in order for our species to survive and continue.”

“These children are born fully aware of our multidimensional capabilities and aware of the multiple realms of realities. They carry upgraded nervous systems, higher frequencies and vibrations, upgraded DNA codings and templates. These children are wired differently, they are created different.” They are not disabled but “differently-able.”  They are teachers, they are healers, they are wise, they are buddhas in their own right.”

Hello All,

My name is Michelle LeRoy and I am the Founder of The New Earth Children Centre Online Community. My goal for creating this online community is to provide a place for the world to have access to what is really going on with our children. This site was creating as a way I could reach out to more people. As a Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Holistic Youth Life Coach I began to see a huge need for what I was doing in a small way in my office and in my community to be available to the world.

I felt deep within my heart and soul the need to serve the masses. So many children/teens and their families are suffering unnecessarily due to the fact that the information about The New Earth Children and what they need and how they operate has only become widely available in the last decade or so. Not only that, but the openness and willingness of individuals to explore this realm has only recently widened.

So many of the adults, teens and children I see everyday are so grateful for this information, for finding something that truly makes sense, for being able to experience alternative methods and modalities and have made a huge difference in their lives. Where so many mainstream medical treatments, drug therapies, surgeries etc.. have failed to be able to address the issues many of our young people are facing today, this online community seeks to provide options and compliments to one’s own existing health, wellness and over balance regime.

The New Earth Children Centre Community is a place that honours and acknowledges the evolution of humanity now taking place in a huge way on our planet. The New Earth Children Centre Community acknowledges that our children are playing a vital role in this process. The New Earth Children Centre also understands and educates parents on the uniqueness and misunderstood qualities showing up in our children today. A place where what we are calling dysfunctional and problematic with our children is actually just a demonstration of humanity transitioning.

These new children being born these days hold hands with God Source, they come fully and completely connected to the Divine, the Universe. They come fully aware and awaken to their multidimensional nature and divine gifts and capacities. The New Earth Children Centre Community recognizes and seeks to help other recognize that this relationship to God Source/Universe/The Divine must be maintained, respected, honored, nurtured and nourished in order to provide a safe place for the children to express themselves fully and completely without judgement, punishment or ridicule. A Community that recognizes and seeks to help others to recognize that this relationship is the primary foundation for all else in the child’s life.

The dream to one day have this online Community exist in a physical space that is duplicatable around the world is the larger Vision of The New Earth Children Centre Community and it would be filled with as many natural elements and materials as possible. The New Earth Children Centre Community would be committed to providing the children with highly aware and conscious adults/teachers and staff who are fully and continually committed to their own individual spiritual growth and therefore the collective spiritual growth of The New Earth Children Centre and our planet.

It is important that these children know it is ok and safe to hold hands with God Source. It is important for these children to know and be able to express this relationship in their own unique way, through sound, writing, dance, song, cooking, cleaning, playing, being with animals, gardening, silence, etc. The New Earth Children Centre Community provides a place to allow free and intuitive exploration of what a child yearns to explore, experience and birth into our world.

The New Earth Children Centre Community also provides a place for parents, guardians, teachers, doctors and caregivers a place of support in order to assist them in better understanding and caring for The New Earth Children.

This will be done through weekly support groups, workshops, seminars, and retreats.

** If you have anything to contribute to this Community please send me and email. Thank You.

For more information, please contact Michelle LeRoy at info@thenewearthchildrencentre.com

416-700-9012 or 905-702-1944

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