We Are One – and no-one know this more than our Highly Sensitive Children

April 16, 2013 by  
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Hello Everyone,

I am writing today to explain the TRUTH of ONENESS as expressed and felt deeply by our children. With so much “talk” of ONENESS it would make sense that we know our thoughts, words and actions affect EVERYONE and EVERYTHING.

This includes our children. They don’t hear what we say, they feel what we mean. They don’t follow our words, they follow their heart. They don’t hide their emotions they express them fully and completely instantly in the moment whether we like it or not. Quite often the are also mediums for expressing everyone else’s unexpressed emotions too.

They need calm, centred and balanced lives and people in their lives who are highly aware of their own energetic “output” and take responsibility for their own healing and clearing of energy, traumas, dysfunctional thought patterns and all other “output” that have a negative affect on our children and are diabolically opposed to their pure energy of TRUTH.

I know children that vomit, have diarrhea and come down with so many other illness due to not only environment toxins, toxins in our food but also toxins in our minds. I know children that are terrified of the darkness and unconsciouses that sometimes surrounds those who truly love and want to help them.

These loved ones are sometimes confused when they are rejected or lashed out at. It is sometimes sheer frustration at being unable to articulate affectively an adults need to “clean up their field” and awaken! It’s why they are here and they won’t stop until we GET IT! Plain and simple.

When we lie, when we cheat, when we take more than our share, when we are unfair, or speak ill of someone they feel it to their core. When Mother Nature is erupting so are they. When Mother Nature is crying, so are they. When the energy of the earth shifts and moves and stresses and strains, so do they.

THIS IS WHAT IT MEANS TO BE IN ONENESS CONSCIOUSNESS without the awareness of those around them and without the proper tools to help them ground, feel safe, re-charge and feel loved.

Sing more, dance more, play more, stress less, rush less, slow down, be still, paint, draw, laugh and smile often this will support them more than any medication on the planet will. They are energy, we are energy, EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.

With love,

Michelle LeRoy

April 16, 2013

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