Autism – A Spiritual Perspective

December 10, 2012 by  
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It has become clearer and clearer that the children on this planet right now continue to have a tough job ahead of them. Purifying, cleansing and helping us all ascend and return to light.
As I continue to work with these children and their families I am witness to the intense “assignments” they have accepted and their need to be seen, accepted and understood.
It continues to both frustrate and annoy them that many of the adults around them continue resisting change, learning new lessons and clearing themselves of old programming and dysfunctional thought patterns.
They are on a mission right now to prepare the planet for complete transparency and full remembering of Who We Truly Are and what we have come to do.
Each session, client, child is unique and therefore each session unique and individual although the collective purpose is the same.

For those of you struggling with these children I ask you to open your hearts and minds to Energy Work and Vibration Remedies such as Young Living Essential Oils to support them and yourselves.

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