5 Oil Protocol for Parents

December 31, 2012 by  
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Here is an oil protocol that came to me to help parents connect with “their higher selves/God/the Divine/Their Children”

Palo Santo – For negative/old thought patterns (applied to the temples, third eye, up and down brain stem at the back of the neck and inhale)
White Angelica – drop a drop on the top of the head/crown and also on the temples and up and down brain stem, again inhale) – this oil can also be wafted around the entire auric field and serves as a protection from “interferring energies and thought patterns from the external environment around us”
Surrender – which is self explanatory :)
Acceptance – which is also self explanatory :)
**Both Surrender and Acceptance on the Heart Chakra and the Solar Plexuses – then also inhaled after each oil is applied.
The last oil that will help is Sacred Frankisence – a highly spiritual oil and is very graceful in the way it dials us in to that higher consciousness.
Clearing and providing ourselves the opportunity to dial in to higher dimensional frequencies, so having oils that clear and protect and others to assist with the connection works well.
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