Autism – “Awe-tistic” – Messages from the Collective Consciousness of Autistic Children

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Written by: Michelle LeRoy

November 2011

Autistic Children are here to demonstrate our heightened levels of consciousness and our 360 degree perspective of awareness and possibilities. They are here to demonstrate the ability to access all levels of the Divine in their own unique ways. Every child has a unique piece of the puzzle. They will work best when they are able to work together. They will work best when they are in a place where they can commune with each other, communicate with each other and interact with each other in the subtle unspoken realms. They sense each other, they get each other, and they are in harmony when they are amongst each other. The physical coming together of these children is vital to their mission, their purpose. They will heal the world with their singing, dancing, tapping, sounding, movement and will point out things that only the highly tuned in adults around them will be able to understand and articulate to the rest of the world. Their frustration comes from their inability to communicate effectively with the masses; they want to reach the masses. They know their work is big, they know their messages are important and they need a platform to have them heard and understood.

As an intuitive and someone guided to work with these children I spend a lot of time communing with what I call “the collective consciousness of autistic children” which is an energy that helps me to see, feel, know and hear the things they need so I can share them with their parents, caregivers and ultimately the world. This sharing of intuitive information will help create a paradigm shift in the perspective and treatment of Autistic Children. This energy I call the Collective Consciousness of Autistic Children are a group of souls who seem to watch over them and communicate with those who are chosen to work and represent their truth on earth. It was only recently that this has been more apparent to me. It took several months for them to introduce themselves and have me really tune into exactly who they are and their essence.

I also continue to work with the “collective consciousness of each wave of children, indigo, crystal, rainbow, star, diamond and most recently the golden children”. They come individually as separate energies specific to the child I am working with or they come as a united collective which I call “the collective consciousness of The New Earth Children” where they speak in a united way for ALL the children since many of them can carry an overlap of energies and some are able to effectively dance with all energies in a harmonious way. This seems to be what I have been taught to do over the years which has enabled me to better understand and serve the group.

Those known as Autistic Savants and/or Children diagnosed with Asperger’s are “savvy” in remote viewing and accessing multidimensional information to share with the world. They seem to do this in a robotic, detached way when they are delivering the information. They appear to be like a walking encyclopedia, GPS, blackberry application to explain it in a way that others can be understood. Many of these children are highly intellectual and highly scientific which can sometimes appear as cold and detached from the human expressions of emotions and feelings.

They have clear and uninterrupted high speed internet access to the Divine Universe/Cosmos and are here to usher in this information in the form of clear and precise robotic type downloads which can at times render them unemotional and/or highly detached from feelings. They have so much to share and many of them talk incessantly. This is true of those souls we also diagnose with Asperger’s Syndrome. These children are best served when they are listened to and allowed to speak uninterrupted about what they are here to share. Note taking on their behalf or providing them a recording device for them to keep their information on will be helpful.

These children tend to be overwhelmed by the amount of information in their heads and this can result in head banging, tapping their heads, covering their ears to outside noise in order to better hear their inside noise/information. The world feels loud to them, the world seems at times to be too noisy for them and they find it hard to manage all that is going on within them simultaneously with the noise of the outside world. They can often times isolate themselves and become really withdrawn as well. This is also a trait of Star like energy as well.

Autistic children are passionate about their missions and their life’s work and want to express it and have it acknowledged from a very young age. They are teachers and leaders and are becoming the masses, the norm. This generation will be the “next baby booming generation” which will drive the world and direct where, when and how we spend our time, money and resources. It is only when our Autistic children are able to get the recognition and acknowledgement for Who They Truly Are and their vital role in our evolutionary process that the world will fully wake up and do what needs to be done to honor these children and provide them with any and everything they need to thrive. It is only then that the world will be able to help create the environments and opportunities for these children to really flourish and be able to live vibrant lives filled with joy and grace.

Autistic Children are here to teach us unconditional love at the highest level, they are here to teach us non-judgement, they are here to assist in the last little bit of loosening from our egos and our material world. They are here to usher in the truest expression of acceptance, understanding and compassion. They are here to demonstrate the beauty that exists beyond form, beyond academic achievement, beyond status in the form of formal education and job position. They are here to debunk our previous thoughts and programming on what is truly valuable, and necessary for us to live our lives with contentment, joy and peace. They are here to create the opportunity for us to see through the eyes of truth, the eyes of original creation, through the eyes of God.

Autistic Children are here to help us loosen the grip on the old world structures, systems and ideologies. They are brought to this world with an energy and presence that provides us with the transparency needed to clean up our world. They are here to show us through their own sensitivities on all levels what needs to be “fixed” and “cleaned up”. They are revealing to us the toxins and chemicals in our world, in our homes, in our workplaces, in our food and in essentially everything. They are doing this so that we may wake up and pay attention and move into action to do something about it. Many of them have manifested diseases and illness that will create a massive shift in how we operate in the world and what choices we will make moving forward. With their heightened sensitivities and awareness many of them are forcing us to take note of the products and services we support. They are forcing us to take a look at the great number of man-made materials and chemicals that are killing us and are responsible for much of the disease and illness on the planet. Their bodies are unable to handle these impurities. By forcing us to clean up the environments they are responsible for bringing us one step closer to cleaning up our world for good. The more and more of us that become aware of how far we have come in creating a toxic world the more and more of us will begin to do something about it.

Many of these children may show heightened levels of toxicity, a larger chemical burden as well as high levels of heavy metals. Often times I have worked with these kids and have seen the high levels of toxicity which I have been able to assist in releasing and lessening with energy work and Young Living Essential Oils. I have also witnessed so many of their profound messages for both their parents and our world.

I had one Autistic child even provide awareness to his father about the effects of his metal fillings in his mouth which allowed the father to seek further understanding and have them removed with care. Another child I worked with was adamant that his mother learn to smile and laugh again, he felt so disheartened by his mother’s disappointment and frustration with him and it deeply saddened him, he was anxious for me to let his mother know he is happy and o.k. with who he was and hoped she would be too. Acceptance of these children is vital to their wellbeing. They are highly clairvoyant, telepathic and feel and sense energy so when their parents are sad and angry they know it, feel it and it can even affect their health.

They are here to help us return to harmony with Mother Nature and self-sustainability. They are here to reveal to us the importance of the indigenous people and their role in this evolutionary process. They are here to help to bring them forth and return the indigenous people, their knowledge and wisdom to their rightful place on the planet. They are here to represent and qualify what the indigenous people have tried to share and impart on us for centuries only to be mistreated and exploited. Autistic children refused to go overlooked and unacknowledged; they are shaking up our homes, our world, our classrooms and our medical systems.

Autistic Children are far from dysfunctional, problematic and abnormal. These labels are detrimental identifications only seek to disempower them and suppress their true gifts and abilities and life purpose. They are far from needing to be punished, institutionalized and removed from society. They are far from a burden on our medical and financial systems. They are far from needing to be isolated or Oster sized for who they are. They are divine beings of light with lessons for all of us and messages of the forgotten.

They are masters! They are wise ones! They are powerful! They are strong! They are “Awe” tistic.

It will be our ability to shift our consciousness and awareness enough to allow them their rightful place in our world. It will be our ability to shift our focus and perspectives and to widen our understandings which will allow us to arrive at a place of full and complete acceptance and gratitude for these children.

It is only when we as a humanity can arrive at a place of fully welcoming and embracing these children that they be able to shine.

We will soon come to a place within ourselves when we will begin to sing their praises, rejoice in their presence on our planet and commune with them with the essence of truth and unconditional love completely allowing them to fully unlock the beauty within them for all of us to see.

The time is here, the time is upon us, the time is NOW!


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