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One of the most important things to remember is that The New Earth Children are here to AWAKEN their parents, and humanity at large. This can cause much confusion and shifts within their parents and humanity at large that go misunderstood and misdiagnosed.

It may seem to many that they since they’ve come the world as we knew it no longer exists and that is an accurate preception. It may seem like they are here to challenge us on every level, and they are. It may seem like they are bringing what seems to be new illnesses, behaviours, mannerism, ways of being and seeing the world, AND THEY ARE!

Giving birth to these children for many is the start of their own “personal awakening process” we may call it other things, like depression but the root of many of parents (primarily the moms) feelings, reactions and behaviours after their children has a lot to do with being sent into an immediate “wake up” call that may begin a process of detaching from the Egoic Sense of Self – as Eckhart Tolle put it and transitioning into motherhood and what feels like unchartered and unknown territory.

For many of the parents I work with, especially those with several children under the age of 10, their household is turbulent, trying, chaotic and confusing. No book or manuel or anything they seem to google or that others tell them seems to work. The needs of these children require greater insight and exploration, one that includes primarily their spiritual nature, spiritual essence, their “divine design” if you will as coined in the Kid’s Coaching Connection Training Program – created by Susan T. Howson – Ryerson Professor in Early Childhood Education (see links on the homepage to access this training) OR contact me directly for a list of upcoming trainings in your area.

This sense of confusion, chaos and at times low self-esteem can play havoc with one’s mind. Giving birth to these children also begins to trigger the parents own unhealed inner child which can feeling overwhelming and create a range of emotions. There are countless oils and wonderful Energy Medicine Protocols that I use in my private practice to deal with these issues in a loving, natural and supportive way, instead of a humiliating and judgmental way. Parents are the keepers of the future generation, they are at the forefront of raising our children they require love, understanding, compassion and non-judgmental support in order to be the BEST THEY CAN BE, which is every parents desire.

Oils that can help parents during these changing times both in their own personal life and that of these changing times on our planet as a collective are:

Awaken: This oils helps you to become aware of all possibilities and unlimited potential, helps you to see life in an awakened and more aware which provides clarity and helps to breakdown old programs and thought patterns previously operating in our lives that no longer serve us, a great oil to begin a road of positive change and optimistic outlook

Acceptance: helps to boost feelings of self-worth and self-acceptance, this blend also helps to support feelings of denial and procrastination

Clarity: Helps with “mommy brain” by restoring mental alertness and support a clear mind especially when feeling fatigued and drowsy which often occurs when one has a newborn and/or young children

Palo Santo: helps to ward off negative emotions and protect against harmful spiritual influences

Joy:  this oil is highly uplifting, creates magnetic energy and brings happiness and joy to the heart, wonderful to be used daily as a perfume (behind the ears, over the heart area and the wrists)

Gentle Baby: is an oil that helps to calm and balance emotions in parents , babies and young children

White Angelica: this oils has been created to invoke the feelings of protection and security, and has been used to guard against negative energy (used daily on the crown of head, shoulders, soles of feet and through the entire auric field to support and strengthen it

Transformation: this oil blend empowers you to replace negative thoughts and beliefs with more uplifting ones that better serve you which in turn shifts your entire attitude, emotions, mood and behaviour

Frankincense: wonderful aid for meditation and deep relaxation, this oils helps to support and increase spiritual and inner strength. When massaged into the scalp helps to ward of negative thoughts and has been known to alleviate headaches.

Citrus Oils: (Orange, Lemon, Tangerine, Grapefruit) These oils helps to Uplift, provide Energy and Gently Detoxify and Support the body’s natural processes.

Orange Oil: Supports the body’s natural cellular repair process, uplifting and encourages positive emotions, great during the winter months

Lemon: Excellent source of d-limonene believed to boost the body’s natural defenses, also used as a pick me up and gentle detoxifier, helps to alkalize water when added and promotes energy and mental clarity

Grapefruit: Uplifting and Revitalizing, when inhaled is known to create a feeling of fullness which assists in weight loss and therefore helping a parent get back to their pre-baby weight (along with other Young Living Products that boost metabolism, provide necessary nutrients, curbs appetite and boosts energy)

Tangerine: a powerful anti-oxidant, encourages proper digestion and it’s sweet fragrance helps to elicit feelings of happiness and wellbeing.

Lavender and/or Peace and Calming: These two oils are wonderful to help maintain a place of centeredness, peacefulness and calm, they are great as a sleep aid as well as powerful at supporting anxiety and overwhelm. Lavender: also used for skin health, cuts, burns, scratches and other skin irritations, helps to calm the body, mind and spirit.

Valor: This oils serves as an amazing confidence and courage booster which helps to combat feelings of low self-esteem and low self-confidence, this oil is also often called “our chiropractor in a bottle” and when applied to the soles of the feet and the entire spine daily has been proven to maintain the body’s alignment and balance, invoking feelings of strength (this oils support the alignment of the body, mind and spirit – all levels)


Young Living Essential Oils are truly a wonderful replacement for many over the counter and prescriptions medications. In so many circumstances you are able to find a natural product or remedy that can be just as effective if not more effective which aligns to the person’s own organic makeup instead of a toxin and chemical filled alternative which the body often resists, rejects and can create a host of other issues in the long run.

 Use essential oils every day for fevers, bumps, bruises, burns, headaches, migraines, upset tummy, asthma and allergies and so much more.

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