Spring Solistice – A Massive Energy Shift for All Mankind!

March 30, 2012 by  
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Hi Everyone,

This morning I felt compelled to write briefly about the “March Madness” Energy! I have been getting lots of calls, emails and text messages from those of you looking for ways to better manage the energies of March that for many have been trying.

In fact the shifts and changes we are experiencing now really began rolling out after 11/11/11. I can’t tell you how many people started having unusual physical manifestations and symptoms popping up since 11/11/11. Bascially from November/December last year until now people have been hit with so many cries from the body to release, shift and change. The energies of The New Earth are here among us and more tangible than ever before.

It will get more difficult to entertain any thought, word or action that isn’t in harmony and aligned to DIVINE PURE LIGHT AND DIVINE PURE LOVE!

It will get more and more difficult to operate in anything other than a unified field of truth and unity.

This is time to CLEAN OUT THOSE CLOSETS! This is time to DUST OFF THOSE COBWEBS! This is the time to stare those areas in your life that need healing, resolving, letting go of, coming to a place of acceptance about and applying the energy of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND FORGIVENESS straight in the eye and SURRENDER.

Failure to do so will continually result in pain, sorrow, dis-ease, illness, anger, frustration, irritation and you will be unable to access the highest expression of YOU! and right now we need everyone to step into the HIGHEST EXPRESSION OF LIGHT THAT THEY ARE!!!

We are creating The New Earth instanteneously now, manifestation is at warp speed for many who have mastered this gift and for those still working on it, it is becoming easier and easier to have this truth understood and revealed that we are the MASTERS OF OUR OWN DESTINY AND THE CO-CREATORS OF OUR FUTURE.

The planet needs us now to ALL come together and SHINE!!!

 My love and gratitude to you all as you continue this journey!

Michelle LeRoy

P.S. I can’t say enough about the power of the Young Living Essential Oils products to help support us through these changing times! The results have been outstanding and in my opinion unparralleled! These products are truly MULTIDIMENSIONAL and both beautifully and lovingly created to carry high vibrational frequencies. Contact me at 416-700-9012 or email me to find out more!

Again all proceeds of the sales from the Young Living Essential Oils products go directldy to support this online community and other local initiatives. Thank You!


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