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Spiritual Inflammation – A Key Ascension Symptom

“Young Living Essential Oils”

Many of us are aware of the term Inflammation and the way it affects our wellbeing. What many of us may not be aware of is the term “spiritual inflammation” which is created by an irritated or inflamed spirit.

This occurs when a person is having difficulty understanding or recognizing the di-ease created when their souls desire to fully express itself and evolve is being hindered and ignored.

We have heard many times before, we are not physical beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings having a human experience. With that being said we must begin to understand that we have spent centuries allowing our physical form to dictate many of our decisions. We have allowed our bodies and minds to determine how we live, leaving little to no room for the soul/spirit to express itself.

Over time this creates a host of illnesses and diseases. Over time this can be one of the many causes of the increased number of people being diagnosed with anxiety, depression and other mental illness. The mind has taken over the soul. The mind has dominated our lives and has left no room for the heart and soul of the individual to be expressed and to come alive.

The rise in the importance of breathing techniques, meditation, yoga etc… is a wonderful way to begin to get back in tune with our soul. A wonderful way to slow down the mind and make room for the subtle voice within to be heard.

These types of practices are vital to our health and wellness regime. Re-connecting to our bodies own innate intelligence is key at this time. Awakening the master within, the healer within, the all-knowing within will position us to really make a difference.

I have found that during my own process of awakening, raising my own frequencies, vibrations and connection to Source/God there have been times when my spirit/soul has felt “inflamed and irritated”. There have been times when I have had more difficulty bringing forth my heart’s desire and soul’s full expression. During these times I discovered a series of oils I used intuitively which helped to reduce this Spiritual Inflammation with in me.

They were:

Sandalwood, Helichrysum, Cedarwood, Rosemary, Clary Sage And Thyme.

I would apply these oils regularly during my “flare ups” and they helped immensely. They allowed me to settle in and adjust to the next shift. After the usage of these oils I had greater clarity and a reduction in irritability which allowed the voice of the soul to be heard again.

I do believe many of our New Earth Children, especially our teens and young people are suffering from Spiritual Inflammation and suppression which is creating the rise in depression, suicide, anxiety and several other physical manifestations.

Creating a save space for these children, teens and young people to re-connect to their soul, that voice within and allowing them to fully express their heart’s desires , dreams and goals is key to their wellbeing. It is truly the key to all of our well beings.

Call me today to book your in person or phone consultation if you are feeling the symptoms of “spriritual inflammation.” With Spiritual Counseling, Energy Work ,Young Living Essential Oils and proper nutrition these “changing times” can go much smoother for you.

Michelle LeRoy

416-700-9012 OR 905-702-1944

**Coming soon… see how adding Young Living Essential Oils to your food can raise the vibrational frequencies of your food :)

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