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The New Earth Children – Our Little Lightworkers

There is so much to know, so much to learn, so much to remember that will greatly support our “little light workers”. There is so much misunderstanding so much confusion and way too much punishment, misdiagnoses and detrimental labelling of learning disabilities and the like.
As a messenger of The New Earth Children, as someone who is totally and completely dedicated to be their voice, to hear their cries, to better understand and articulate to others what they need to grow and thrive in our world.

I share this with you today…

The New Earth Children are here to assist in the ushering in of a New World, a world that they will be better able to live in, grow in and thrive.
The New Earth children are here to unlock within us all our dormant capacities and limitless possibilities. They are here as teachers, masters, gurus and buddhas. They require the same respect and honour we give to those masters that have gone before us.

They require rest, relaxation, high vibrating foods, natural light and clothing fibres, they require a lot of outdoor play/time spent in nature, and an environment filled with pure thoughts, pure words and pure actions. An environment filled with pure love, light, laughter and joy.

They suffer greatly in density, disharmony, negativity and unconsciousness. The can and do suffer greatly when surrounded by toxins in their environment.

They have the ability to access the unseen world and higher dimensional realities instantaneously and with great ease.

These higher dimensions are as real and as important (if not more so in some cases) to them than the limited realities of our 3D world. Which can often times be the reality many of the adults around them are willing to accept and access at this time.

The New Earth Children are designed quite differently from past generations of children and this can create a lot of stress, anger, frustration and confusion to those that care for them.

Many of these children require a lot of movement and the ability to make sounds and noises (can otherwise be known as tones) to help maintain and balance their vibration and keep them grounded and centred.

Loud, negative and chaotic spaces can be difficult for them and cause them to act out and display disharmony and lack of balance.
They express through many artistic mediums such as painting, drawing, creative writing, poetry, singing, dancing, building, sculpting etc…
These artistic mediums allow them to express themselves and their inner world and wisdom without the limitation of words.

They require a space that provides them access to these resources in a spontaneous way and yet must be reminded to honour and respect others around them while doing so.

When these children are in “stillness school” or their own “inner creative zone” they can often times seem distant, distracted, not paying attention and zoned out, like they aren’t even their.

This meditative state/pause is where they access that creativity and wisdom. It is where they commune with God-Source/The Divine/Universal Intelligence/Angels etc….

Many remember the times before they came to earth, many remember picking their parents and many remember why they are here and what they must do.

As the Founder of The New Earth Children Centre Community and Parent Support Group it is my intent to strive to meet the needs of these children by creating the most spectacular environment for them in harmony with who they are. It is also my intent to provide spiritual guidance and support for parents, teachers, administrators and caregivers of these children.

At this time The New Earth Children Centre Community is in it’s infancy. We are in the process of spreading the word, creating workshops, weekly support groups and providing a variety of information on this web site.

At this time The New Earth Children Centre Community is a labour of love for me. I have had the pleasure to connect with so many others passionate about this mission and the dissemination of this information. I trust that all continues to unfold accordingly and in Divine Timing and in harmony with the Divine Plan.

If you or anyone you know is interested in supporting this vision contact me at info@thenewearthchildrencentre.com and I would be happy to answer your questions, add you to the email list so you can stay connected to our events and gatherings.

Michelle LeRoy – Founder
The New Earth Children Centre and Parent Support Community

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