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Indigo Teens

MAY 2011


We are all on a soul’s journey, a soul continually longing to evolve, expand and grow.

This is the purpose of life itself, to know ourselves as more than our bodies, to acknowledge that we are spirit. To remember our connectedness to each other and everything around us. To remember the truth of oneness, of union and to live consciously with that awareness.

The Indigo Generation has been the catalyst for this change. They have been the ones who have spoken up, who have rocked the boat and have shown us what needs to be changed and what is no longer working. They are the ones pointing out where integrity is lacking, where truth has not been present or revealed fully. The Indigo Generation was here to usher in a world that operates with more honesty, integrity and transparency. They are making choices to support what resonates and remove themselves from what no longer serves the highest good.

Many of our Indigo teens have lost their way, have become squelched and suppressed. They feel extremely misunderstood and not heard. The feel defeated, confused and suffer greatly from the disconnection from their own inner truth. They have disconnected from their unique gifts and abilities in order to fit in and just get along with others. They find it hard to communicate with parents, teachers and other adults of authority about what they really feel and think.

Many Indigo may find school difficult, or boring and even struggle to find any value or purpose for them in the current high school system.

They are anxious to get on with their life purpose, what they really came here to do.

The problem for many of the Indigo Teens is that if they have not had support or assistance in remembering and connecting to their life purpose they often suffer depression and fall victim to addictions and self sabatoge.

The critical mass of Indigo are the Leaders and Creators of The New World. They are a generation that has to create the world they need to step into. They are less and less able to exist or feel resonance to current structures and systems built on greed and competition. They see a more harmonious world and ways of working together that are fair and serve all not just a few.

The Indigo generation began the process of returning humanity back from their head to their heart. From old world to new world. When this generation is well supported, loved and property nourished in a holistic way (body, mind and spirit) they are more capable of stepping into their full potential and unlocking their brilliance and inner power in order to create a wonderous  and joyous world.

 “If you or anyone you know is raising a young person who is depressed, suffers from anxiety, panic attacks, unmotivated, struggling in school, withdrawn, insomnia etc… please don’t hesitate to call and book an initial consultation.

The blend of Spiritual Counseling, Energy Work and Young Living Essential Oils may be just want is needed.

Michelle LeRoy

Cornerstone Health Centre


**see “My Services” for a list of fees

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