Calling All Parents – A checklist of symptoms related to being Highly Aware and Sensitive

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  1. They are highly intuitive and telepathic, which somtimes manifests as late talkers, often being diagnosed as non-verbal learning disability, many spend countless hours in speech therapy
  2. They can feel others emotions and hear other people’s thoughts (including their parents and teachers) often manifesting as withdrawl, shyness, or hurt feelings when surrounded by those who are not as mindful of their thoughts and words
  3. They seem to daydream a lot, seem to not pay attention, or “zone out” – a sense of “not being here”, they are often scolded for appearing to disregard instructions and requests, even appearing rude and disobident
  4. They can suffer separation anxiety, asthma, breathing problems duet to the toxins in our air and the inability to inhale/breath in life, some also experience seizures which is a sign other an upgraded nervous system on overload
  5. They continually experience vomiting, skin rashes, and other reactions to toxins, chemicals and other man-made substances in their homes, schools, clothing, foods, toys, etc..
  6. They are often times filled with and abundance of life force energy which manifest as excitement, enthusiasm and a great need to move around alot, often being diagnose with ADD, ADHD

7. They can have a hard time concentrating and focusing on one thing (on one dimension of reality), they have the ability to see in to the unseen realms with ease

8. They communicate with their angels and other higher dimensional beings openly and frequently, can manifest as imaginary friends

9. They can suffer a lot from night terrors, nightmares and “bad dreams” due to their ability to see and hear other dimensional realities and to see and connect with souls that have passed on

10. They can see energy, auras, some even can seen like X-Ray and hear like an Ultrasound

11. They can often feel overwhelmed by a lot of noise, do not function well with hurrying, rushing or transitions/change, it takes their highly sensitive and intuned systems time to adjust and integrate into different environments and different energies (like going from a hot tub into the cold’s night air, or going from your warm comfy bed into your workplace or office, the feel and energies are different and they feel these differences at a heightened level.

12. They can be affected by artifical light, and strongly affected by EMF’s  (t.v’s, computers, video games cell phones, ipod, ipads etc..) which can manifest as irritability, tiredness, exhaustion, and other imbalances etc.. not to mention the highly addictive quality of these devices.

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