My Greatest Gift

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Hi Friends,

I hope you will find the time to read…..

Today I woke up with a dense feeling, a heaviness a familiar feeling and decided to get out of bed and “sit with this” and journey into a meditation to discover it’s roots. I discovered this and thought I’d share with other Indigos who may be feeling the same.

As a Indigo child (not knowing this term/identification at the time) I was deeply sensitive and connected to ALL THAT IS! I felt everything to my very CORE, my very BEINGNESS. I could sense everything going on underneath the surface of people, places and things. I NOW realized my reality and experiences were far more deep rooted in the Deeper Realms Of The Universe and in the Frequency Of Truth and Connectedness than most others around me. I was unaware of the fact that most people around me were not experiencing life and situations from the same perspective I was and this caused great frustration in communicating, a feeling of not fitting in, sometimes isolation and at times great anger. I found it very hard to find people who could speak to what was REAL and HONEST. I didn’t understand the need to cover up and lie about what was really going on and what they really felt. Despite their words, I always KNEW, I could see past the words, hear past the justifications and feel the sadness behind the smiles. Growing up this way was both confusing and painful. When the world was sad, so was I, when others felt pain, so did I, when others were scared I felt their fear. I didn’t even have to be around people to know how they were feeling and what they were experiencing.

I couldn’t shut it off and when I tried to help by telling them how they were really feeling or what they were really experiencing it would have terrible consequences. They would turn away from me, be angry at me and make me feel like I was crazy and for a time they succeeded. How was it that telling the TRUTH and TRYING TO HELP others acknowledge THE TRUTH in order to HEAL caused so much Negatively and Harshness in return?

I used many methods to try and “shut off this connection” so that I could just live on the surface and fit in or get along. Drugs, Alcohol, and Risky Behaviour were my unhealthy tools. It allowed me to “change the channel” to the “movie” of the earthly realm without interruption or interference from “other realms”. I did have one healthy tool and that way DANCE. I danced 5-6 times per week whether it was my own lessons, or teaching others. I am a firm believer in the ARTS for healing and allowing us to experience our true essence and beauty.

So I continued to struggle between existing in TRUTH my comfort zone and a place where I felt most myself and living in a world of Many Faces of Untruth, Disconnectedness and Lies. Playing along with the Surface game just to fit in and get along while deeply troubled inside at the inauthentic way this felt to go through the world.

Today I realized the more and more I return to my (OUR) true state of Connectedness and Oneness with the Universe all these feelings come back too. The heightened sensitivity, empathic experiences and again the reactions and responses from others for just being REAL and HONEST. Except this time in full understanding of my prior experiences as a child and gaining NOW the ability to stand in this TRUTH OF MYSELF and FEEL SAFE and FEARLESS knowing I am always watched over, fully protected and seen by the Divine within and without. I realize as long as I am standing in my truth in every instant I am at peace, at home and One With All That Is and that is all that really matters. I am love, we are love and that is the TRUTH. As we stand in this TRUTH (love vibration) all else is as it is, and is perfect! I am more able to be the observer of this earthly “play” without reacting. Instead I am now able to just “notice” and send blessings and love in return.

I am truly grateful for what once seemed like a horrific existence of so much pain and suffering turned out to be MY GREATEST GIFT. This gift is that those experiences allowed me to be fully aware of how THE NEW EARTH CHILDREN are also experiencing life and BE THERE VOICE!

So remember as the WORLD IS WAKING UP, AND DEEP CORE ISSUES ARE COMING TO THE SURFACE TO BE RELEASED, WE ARE ALL BEGINNING TO FEEL IT TO OUR VERY CORE. This is proof of our interconnectedness to All That Is! What the world is going through collectively shows up in our own personal reality as well. Always check in and ask, is this mine? or is this the worlds? The more and more we are aware of our Connectedness the more we will feel.
Continue to heal, release and lose the densities of THE OLD EARTH. BE STILL, MEDITATE AND ALWAYS CHECK IN TO SEE WHAT IS YOURS AND WHAT IS OURS. If it is OURS acknowledge and allow it to flow away sending love, peace and healing. If it is Yours, address it, heal it and transmute it up to CREATION for safe keeping, it no longer serves you.

**As a Holistic Practitioner with a deep Connection to Indigo Adults, Teens and The New Earth Children, I dedicate a lot of my practice to the Healing and Evolving of these wonderful Warriors, Beings of Light and Wayshowers! Please don’t hesitate to come out to my Events and Meditations Circles as well as booking a Personal One on One Session, Couple Session, Parent and Child Session or Family Session.

Thank You All for taking the time to read this. Forward it on to anyone else whom you feel you’d like to. I am always just a phone call or email away. Ready to serve, in love, joy and humbleness.

Love and blessings,

Michelle LeRoy

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