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Hello Friends,

Today I woke up FULL OF A JOY AND FULL OF A LOVE BEYOND JUST ME! It was a childlike playful feeling JOY and LOVE. My intuition told me that this is the essence of what so many children are bringing to our planet at this time.
This feeling was both intoxicating and magical! I remembered having felt this feeling many times as a child and also after deep meditations, spiritual gatherings, healings and retreats but today it was extra special and it came with this message to share:

We have been going through a lot collectively and many of us are experiencing the collective healing and releases which are impacted our own personal lives. Right now a lot of the collective releases are of GUILT AND SHAME from a journey of many many lifetimes. So these may also be showing up in your life own life as well as on a global level these feelings live within all of us. These experiences of the collective emotions at times play havoc on our own personal balance and harmony.

For our highly sensitive children they too are not exempt from this collective shifting and experiences. At this time we must slow down, hold them gently, love them abundantly and continue to provide them a home environment that is serene, peaceful, calm and filled with JOY in order to balance what the rest of the world is emanating, whether it be fear, anger, confusion, guilt, shame or sadness.

These small precious treasures are to be held with reverence and respect for coming at this time to usher in the change and shift. They are little light workers of great wisdom and love who have chosen to lead us into a new world harmony, joy and grace.

Today we must take time to BE with OUR CHILDREN AND ALL CHILDREN WE COME ACROSS. Stop and take the time to allow them to see your gratitude and love for them, show them joy and understanding, not your fears, anger and confusion. These children know of a vastly different world then the see right now, this world lives deep inside of them and they are passionate about seeing this inside world reflected in their external reality.


We as adults have a responsibility to co-create this reality and beautiful inner world with them here and now. What planet will you leave your kids to live in?

I believe that children are our future, teach them well and LET THEM LEAD THE WAY, show them all the beauty the posses inside, give them a sense of pride to make it easier, LET THE CHILDREN’S LAUGHTER REMIND US HOW WE USE TO BE!” – Whitney Houston

Thank you for taking the time to read! Stay tuned for 5 upcoming workshops on THE NEW EARTH CHILDREN beginning in January 2010. Please know at this time you are not alone and reach out to each other for support and guidance. It truly does take a village to raise our children.
As always it is a honor to serve at this time with love, compassion, joy, humbleness and grace. Don’t hesitate to email or call me if I can be of service at this time to you and your families.

Love and blessings,

Michelle LeRoy

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