A Message To You All During These “Changing Times”

May 28, 2010 by  
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Today as I woke up to begin my morning routine of meditation which includes the offering of gratitude for the opportunity to serve another day, the setting of intentions for the day and also the deep inner listening to hear what is truly requested of me for this day… this is what I heard and felt compelled to share.

“Michelle, these are times of great change, these changes are occurring on every level in everyone in each cell of our bodies. Some are aware and some are still not. Those who are aware of these changes are continually dedicated to working on themselves, seeking the support they need and readjusting the way in which they live. Those who are still unaware and unable to make this shifts will find it more and more difficult and experience suffering.

These changes are necessary in order to assimilate more comfortably into these new energies. Mother Earth is going through a deep cleansing and rebirth and everyone and everything is connected to this process.

The energies of Our New Earth is one of Oneness, Love, Joy, Harmony and Grace. On a New Earth we acknowledge and harmonize with the fact that WE ARE ONE. The veil of separation has been lifted. It is a wonderful time that allows an unprecedented opportunity for soul growth and to release what no longer serves us.

As you know the energies of The New Earth Children continue to play a vital role during these changing times and must be acknowledged. These children come with higher and higher states of consciousness and awareness than many adults have ever known in this lifetime. We must allow the gifts they bring to be held with reverence and respect. Continue to take time to listen to the children, pray for them and offer gratitude for what they have chosen to do at this time for us ALL.

Those adults, like yourself who have been able to connect again with their intuition, higher states of consciousness and awareness are the ones these kids are depending on to support them. This is a time of Great Change where many of the systems no longer serve these children, from our medical system, education system, parenting and family models right down to the very food we eat. This is a time to take great risks for the sake of our children. To speak up and speak out for the sake of the children. This is what the Indigo Wave of Energy is all about. Continue to follow your guidance in every moment and speak your truth about these children and what has been revealed to you. Be not afraid I am with you always. Go now in service to love, honor and obey what’s in your heart and soul. That is all for now.”

Dear friends, thank you for taking the time to listen to this message. Spending more and more time in deep inner listening will help you on your way to what is needed for you to continue to heal and expand. For those of you who have children, know others who have children or work with children take time to look them in the eyes and listen they have so much to share and so much to teach us.

If you or anyone you know has children experiencing deep sadness, anger, withdrawn, select mutism, autism, aspergers, ADD, ADHD, oppositional definance disorder, rage, depression, suicidal thoughts and words, self harm, anxiety, social phobias, panic attacks, food and environmental sensitivities please do not hesitate to contact me. Many of these above conditions have a component that resides in the spiritual realm, has a component caused by a “spiritually inflammed” soul.

Thank You!


Michelle LeRoy

Founder of The New Earth Children Centre Community

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