Adult Meditation “Stillness Space” 2013

Cornerstone Health Centre… presents: “Stillness Space” – Quiet the Mind,... 

Meditation and Healing Circles 2013

Studio 2 for Yoga & Wellness presents: Meditation and Healing Circles Facilitated... 

Stillness Space – For Teens 2013

Cornerstone Health Centre… presents: “Stillness Space” – FOR TEENS! Facilitated... 

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Bulletin Board

A Message from the Founder A Message from the Founder

Many of our children are being misdiagnosed because they are misunderstood. Many... 

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Blog - Michelle's Message

Well Hello Everyone It’s Been Awhile!

Hi Everyone, I want to thank you for your patience while I tended to other aspects of my life, my business and The New Earth Children Centre Global Community. This website is set to go fully active again come September 2016 with lots to catch everyone up on and exciting news including My Daily Blog – Michelle’s Message and for those who... [Read more of this review]

We Are One – and no-one know this more than our Highly Sensitive Children

Hello Everyone, I am writing today to explain the TRUTH of ONENESS as expressed and felt deeply by our children. With so much “talk” of ONENESS it would make sense that we know our thoughts, words and actions affect EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. This includes our children. They don’t hear what we say, they feel what we mean. They don’t... [Read more of this review]

Blue Star Children – Celia Finn

a message from Archangel Michael channeled by Celia Fenn Friday, 20 January, 2006 Dearest Lightworkers, it gives us the greatest joy to share with you the news of a new wave of Starchildren coming to the Planet with the new energies. These beings have entered the Planetary energy field and being birthed at this time as the newest wave of Crystal Children Their... [Read more of this review]

Young Living Essential Oils in the News!

Fox News Report on Young Living Essential Oils. Share and Enjoy:  Read More →

Solutions for Ascension Symptoms

Hello Everyone, This article was forwarded to me and I found it to be something I know would support this community of Aware and Awake Individuals. As we continue to shift and evolve into FULL TRANSPARENCY AND OUR HIGHEST LIGHT, many are experiencing several physical, mental and emotional outbreaks, issues etc… Many of our mainstream doctors may... [Read more of this review]

A Great Day Protocol

Gary Young’s “Great Day Protocol” Young Living Essential Oils This Protocol consists of Valor®, Harmony™, Joy™, and White Angelica™. Some are calling this a premium self-care regime for amplifying your daily intentions and maintaining your highest vibration of Joy, Confidence, Courage and Harmony while feeling Divinely Protected and... [Read more of this review]

5 Oil Protocol for Parents

Here is an oil protocol that came to me to help parents connect with “their higher selves/God/the Divine/Their Children” Palo Santo – For negative/old thought patterns (applied to the temples, third eye, up and down brain stem at the back of the neck and inhale) White Angelica – drop a drop on the top of the head/crown and also... [Read more of this review]

Indigo Children

  Indigos   Indigo Children ***Many of these children are being diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, BI-POLAR DISORDER, OPPOSITIONAL DEFIENT DISORDER, and many other MENTAL ILLNESS.*** This new consciousness of children are having a difficult time being understood and therefore properly cared for and this has created a CRISIS on our planet. They may... [Read more of this review]

Crystalline, Indigo, Rainbow, Atlantean, Diamond Children by Kelly A Hampton

This expanded show will continue the spiritual teachings from Archangel Michael including teaching on Star Healing Intergalactic Energy. This system will be one of the new healing systems for the Crystalline, indigo, rainbow, Atlantean and Diamond Children…often identified as ADHD or with Austism, Asperger’s syndrom or simply misunderstood.... [Read more of this review]

Autism – A Spiritual Perspective

It has become clearer and clearer that the children on this planet right now continue to have a tough job ahead of them. Purifying, cleansing and helping us all ascend and return to light. As I continue to work with these children and their families I am witness to the intense “assignments” they have accepted and their need to be seen, accepted... [Read more of this review]

Blackberry Capabilities – Mimic Autism Children’s Innate Capabilities

Here are some terms I may use from time to time:   Connection to the Divine/God Source/Universal Knowledge Access to the Original Book of Creation/The Wisdom of Creation/The Beginning of Time Divine Intelligence Quantum Observation Divine Interacting and Interactions Divine Communication Divine Guidance Divine Education Remote Viewing Telepathic... [Read more of this review]

Autism – “Awe-tistic” – Messages from the Collective Consciousness of Autistic Children

“MESSAGES FROM THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS OF AUTISTIC CHILDREN” Written by: Michelle LeRoy November 2011 Autistic Children are here to demonstrate our heightened levels of consciousness and our 360 degree perspective of awareness and possibilities. They are here to demonstrate the ability to access all levels of the Divine in their own unique... [Read more of this review]

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